Review: Murder IV Hire – Murder IV Hire EP

The Murder IV Hire – Murder IV Hire EP is one of the lesser known unreleased EPs from Death Row Records which of course not many people know about. Murder IV Hire had the most deadliest violent lyrics for a rap EP from 1994 on Hollow Point Records. The album is laced heavily with a funk influenced and is backed with explicit gangsta rap. The Murder IV Hire EP had 5 songs which were produced by Rod Norman and engineered by Bigger Dave for this EP which got into Suge Knight’s hands.

Murder IV Hire was another rap group signed to Death Row Records that faded into obscurity. Not much is known about this group except that Murder IV Hire is/were all Pueblo Bishop Bloods from the Del Rio Projects in South Central Los Angeles. Murder IV Hire was managed by Jake Tha Violator Robles. Big Jake Robles was an executive with the label and close friend of Suge Knight.

Faces of Death is a dark haunting gangsta rap track with a spooky vibe due to those thick loud vibrant bells. Murder IV Hire shows no mercy for anyone even law enforcement. The song in a nutshell is Murder IV Hire going around killing people. The song is similar to Deuce 11 Gz – Reign of Terror.

Interestingly enough this song is filled with humor. One of the most hilarious lines in the song are, “A .38 slug might make both eyes bust/But I’ve something that will make your skull crumble like crust/So if you rusty, you can trust if you wearing a badge and then naked(?)/I’ll spin your ass like a record” and “True soldiers throughout the Low Bottoms/South Central LA/Niggaz be falling like autumn”

Like A G is a funk inspired gangsta rap song backed with Zapp samples. The Zapp samples used are Zapp – Make You Dance, Zapp – Dance Floor, and Roger – So Ruff, So Tuff. Like A G was produced by Rod Norman and engineered by Bigger Dave for an EP that got into Suge Knight’s hands.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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