Review: Jazmine Sullivan ‎– Backstabbers / Break My Little Heart

Jazmine Sullivan ‎– Backstabbers / Break My Little Heart is a single that issued on vinyl by Jive Records in 2004 to promote the then-upcoming Jazmine Sullivan album called Break My Little Heart. This 12 vinyl single was released in the UK and given to radio stations and served as a sampler. This was when Jazmine Sullivan was signed to Jive Records on a recording contract.

Backstabbers is a rendition of The O’Jays – Backstabbers. This song came from Jazmine Sullivan’s unreleased album called Break My Little Heart and from her 2008 album Fearless. Backstabbers was supposed to be on the final tracklist for her Fearless album but was left out for whatever reason. The song did not make the final cut. Yet some people say they have the song on their copy. Her singing vocals are quite riveting. Backstabbers has a soulful sound with a punch of funk.

The depth in her voice resembles Adele and Lauryn Hill to the point where you can’t tell the difference. She reaches low range in the depth of her voice on Backstabbers. She can reach low range unlike a majority of today’s singers.

Jazmine Sullivan and Missy Elliott came up with the idea to write a rendition of The O’Jays – Backstabbers in 2004. Jive Records agreed to their idea. Timbaland produced the song while Missy Elliott co-wrote some of the lyrics with Jazmine.

You can hear Missy Elliott’s presence at the very beginning of Backstabbers. Read these lyrics.:

Now Timbaland this crazy right here
We gonna do it like this in 2004
I’m feeling this one, you feeling this one right
We gonna bring it crazy right

Break My Little Heart has an old Motown soul vibe which meets the smooth sound of Philadelphia soul. The song is a heartbreaking love ballad that surely is a lovely song. Missy Elliott wrote and produced the song. When it comes to production, Missy Elliott can do no wrong. In fact, Missy Elliott performs on Break My Little Heart by singing instead of her usual quirk ad-lib rapping.

Break My Little Heart was the buzz single that was played on the radio constantly in New York City (NYC), Philadelphia, and the UK in 2004. The song was a moderate hit with underground radio.

Break My Little Heart was the buzz single used to promote her debut album Break My Little Heart in 2004 which never was released unfortunately. Jive Records failed to promote this single and her debut album properly as they did not know how to market her as an artist properly. The song failed to chart thus leading to her debut album on Jive Records to be shelved. Despite being chosen as the lead single, Break My Little Heart failed to make an impact on the charts.

However this song was leaked several years later in 2010 onto Napster and 4shared. The song spread quickly across a video streaming website called YouTube later in 2011. People began covering Jazmine Sullivan’s Break My Little Heart in their own cover videos.

This version is not the leaked version you hear on YouTube or the radio. This version was the 1st version of Break My Little Heart. However Jive Records made Jazmine change the song to fit into their pop image since Jive was a pop label. Jive Records told Jazmine said she sang too many runs in the original version of Break My Little Heart. This version is the more soulful version which is the original version.

From viewpoints based on her fanbase, they have come to the conclusion to agree that the 1st version of Break My Little Heart is the best version. I agree too. Fans say Jive Records made a poorly executed decision by making Jazmine redo Break My Little Heart to fit into a more pop-oriented song instead of having a soulful sound as intended. They have come to the conclusion by saying Jive Records didn’t know what they were doing.

Season 2 Love is a love song written by Jazmine herself. The song is driven by a heavy bass line backed by a rhythmic horn selection. A blend of funk and soul meet each other on this song of hers. Jazmine tells to get up and get out as it is the season to love.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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