Review: Jewel – Spirit

This Little Bird was an additional track that was appeared as a bonus track on initial pressings of Spirit. This Little Bird was a song from Jewel’s childhood memory. Her mother used to sing this song when Jewel was a child. She took us as the listeners down memory lane within this song. Particularly, this song is one of her first memories also.

Barcelona also details her experience in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a city where the churches don’t have windows but somehow the graveyards do. The city of Barcelona is very windy. Wind is a part of the typical weather in Barcelona. The wind there made herself particularly paranoid.

Absence of Fear shares Jewel’s experience of not feeling fear. In other words, about Jewel’s experience about being fearless. Yet there is still fear inside her when she is fearless. The fear inside her twists, turns, aches, and bleeds out for protection, safety, security, and attention.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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