Review: Jewel – Pieces of You

Some of the poems and songs on the album and the Spirit album appeared in her poetry book A Night Without Armor. She was creating and living her dreams when writing and recording Pieces Of You. It was due to her enjoyment of music, poetry, and prayer that this album was released. The poems inside the liner notes of this album was the selling point. Pieces Of You became a multi-platinum bestseller almost overnight. Jewel herself continues to inspire people across the globe.

The poem entitled Me describes who Jewel Kilcher is as a person. She breaks down the details of her family genetics in the 1st verse of this poem. Her family genetics in her Swiss heritage consist of blonde hair, crooked teeth, olive skin, and of course, green eyes. She used to get sick a lot. Jewel cheated on boyfriends and owned a fake ID, but she is still herself. Often she would cheat but remain true to herself in the long term anyways. Jewel often feels the emotional pain of others which is why she cries for no reason. This tells us that Jewel is a soft-hearted person that is very kind.

Jewel moves mountains with words in the Faith Poem as she states herself. How she rise above her faith? Because she fights failure and apathy. Apathy is the one thing she fights inside this poem. That is exactly how Jewel rises above her faith.

Poem Upon Moving Into My Van is about Jewel’s life living in a van. This living situation is the pure joy Jewel always wanted. This is what she wanted when growing up. She lives with homeless people in her van making her life full of dullness. That is the consequence of living in a van. At the end of this piece of poetry inside this poem, Jewel tells us about the consequences.

Leaving Las Vegas is another poem from the Pieces Of You album by Jewel. The ride home from leaving Las Vegas is going to a long one. The boys are acting rowdy up in the front seat being that there is hardly enough room for them. The girls are doing their hairdos and putting on makeup. It’s nothing but an interesting poem about life on the road.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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