Review: Latif – Philadelphia Healing EP

Latif’s Philadelphia Healing EP is a Latif is a breath of fresh air much needed talent in today’s R&B scene. The songs are genuine and have real emotion to them as you listen to the whole album. His smooth songs are worth the listen and streaming. By releasing this EP, he made a pledge to bring back that quality Philadelphia soul sound and respect for the city he loves. The EP was released to SoundCloud in 2012 as a digital EP for streaming.

The Healing (Intro) is where Latif brings back that quality Philadelphia soul sound in a smooth manner through signing. He plans to stop the violent Philadelphia mentality through his singing. This is evidenced when he sings:

Wake up wake up wake up wake up, my people
It’s time to say ‘so long’ to the Philly mentality
And time to say ‘hello’ to the protest music
The life music
The spiritual music
You dig?

He wants people to wake up and listen. It’s time to say ‘so long’ to the violent Philly mentality and time to say ‘hello’ to the protest music. Where there’s promise, there’s hope. Where there’s faith, there’s love. And where there’s love, there’s forgiveness.

Latif represents Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And our cultural significance can no longer be ignored or denied. You know, let’s stay clean to our originality, people. Let’s bring back the feeling. Latif bring to you that healing The Philadelphia healing.

Days Of Our Lives is This song describes a regular week in Latif’s life. This is where Latif focuses on every day out of the week. This song also is about the ups and downs, the joys, along with the simple things in life.

Latif starts off by focusing with Monday. The first day of the week. He wakes up in a rush, gets his kiss from his girlfriend, and then leaves. His girlfriend calls him in an hour asking him how he made off. He responds by saying, “I’ll be working late, baby. Don’t have to wait up”

He’s at it again on Tuesday. Grindin’ it for his girlfriend as hard as he can. So she can have the funny things that finally costing her. Wednesday is hump day as it is halfway through the week.

On Thursday night is when he makes love to his girlfriend. Sweet as a grudge. The ups and downs, the joys, the simple things. I trust your every moment thoroughly. These are the days of our lives. If you would take a care and enter my life, you would wanna deal it. You’d get a real prospect of this love, me and my baby. They get into it by fussing and fighting but nothing too crazy. The creed is absolved after things calm down.

Friday night was supposed to be their movie night as they have that scheduled for every week. But it slipped his mind. He did not call his girlfriend after work. Latif was hangin’ out with the boys. By the time he got home after a long night drinking, she was angry and mad.

The day of Saturday is when he cooked breakfast. He apologized for Friday because he knew he neglected her. Sunday was their holy day at church. The choir sang the perfect melody. A preacher came to preach the words of love.

It’s tough. Well after everything, there’s love. We got us. All we ever need is love. Relationships can work if you want them to. Just try to make it work. It’s not about all the material things. Unconditional love is gonna make it all worth it.

Money is a song about how this girl is after Latif’s money.

Some girl at the mall who is in love with Latif robbed him of his money. She seemed genuine at first. Au contraire, mon frère. She had her way with words. She talked him into giving her some money. That is how Latif was robbed out of his money. She had her eyes on nice things and would’ve done anything for money. She really didn’t want love.

He messed up and gave his heart to her. She was too greedy. Someone tried to tell him not to trust that chick, but he went all in and bought a cost for the hell of it. He couldn’t pay her rent. She deposited pain and left a deficit. He paid the rent and loved somebody who only wants.

She had finally met her match. She worked for an aggressive pimp. He’s wondering, “Where my paper at?” “You got robbed? Really I don’t care. Shoot. You’d better bring it all back if you can blister up” She’s a hoe now.

He knows it’s wrong but doesn’t care. As cold as this world is, Latif can only look out for himself. Money’s the root of all evil.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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