Review: K5 – Tha Natural

K5 – Tha Natural is one of Black Market Records lesser known albums from the early 2000s. Not too many people know about this album or remember this album. K5 – Tha Natural is a straight up hardcore rap album with a lyrical edge and gangsta rap. He is not hesitant to display or showcase his raps. He’s been keeping ahead of the game as he was already making waves as a solo artist.

The K5 – Tha Natural was constantly advertised during the early 2000s in several albums released and distributed by Black Market Records. The album was first advertised in the X-Raided – X-Ology compilation album in 2001 and the Keak Da Sneak – Retaliation album from 2002.

According to the old Black Market Records website, K5 a rap veteran and Greedy fame has already started what will be a series of “pimpin” CD release. We will get him in the chat rooms to find out the inspiration behind it all.

However the K5 – Tha Natural album was never released due to business politics regarding label drama. Black Market Records was in court with Brotha Lynch Hung over royalty disputes and Black Market Records later filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation on February 28, 2002 brought down in part by a pair of lawsuits which lead to the label shutting down in 2003. And then again in 2007.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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