Review: D-Law – Jordans And A Gold Chain

Review: D-Law – Jordans And A Gold Chain

D-Law releases an introspective and lyrical album entitled Jordans And A Gold Chain. Jordans And A Gold Chain is hosted by DJ Komplex out the DMV (Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia). DJ Komplex did his thing on this album. The Jordans And A Gold Chain album was over the course from years 2015-2016. Producers Paul Cabbin, Danny EB, DJ Komplex, and M Beatz contribute to the hard-hitting stellar clean quality production.

Jordans And A Gold Chain is a disturbing reality based track about how people will kill others for something they want or desire as a result of materialism. Mainly Jordans And A Gold Chain represents the disturbing reality of American materialism which has gone wrong. Materialism is a lifestyle in America. Such style is duplicated by others. The drill beats are fire. The whole track is a fine example of drill rap. Drill rap meets go-go music on Jordans And A Gold Chain. DJ Komplex produced most of the production for the Jordans And A Gold Chain track.

Up (Finally Made It) is about how D-Law has made it in the rap game as an up and coming artist who’s young, internet-savvy, streetwise, and a lyricist. D-Law represents himself as a young streetwise lyricist coming from the DMV area (Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia). His aspirations as a lyricist and rapper show symbols of perseverance.

Black Summer is a symbol of representation on struggles and aspirations of the youth in the DMV. Production by DJ Komplex truly shines here. DMV (Dutch Masters And Vodka) is an ode to alcoholic beverages. A track to get drunk to. The DMV track is highly intoxicating.

I rate this album 5/5*!


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