Review: Jovonn ‎– The Goldhouse EP

Jovonn ‎– The Goldhouse EP is a showcase and representation of Jovonn’s golden tunes. Most of which have been sadly overlooked. This EP has been criminally overlooked. The highlights for this Jovonn EP are the upbeat groovy Don’t Wanna Let U Go and golden Pianos Of Gold. Jovonn went a different route musically with this EP as he divulged into garage house instead of just solely focusing on or relying only on deep house. That is what makes this EP different, interesting, and compelling to listen to.

Pianos Of Gold is one of Jovonn’s golden tunes which has been sadly overlooked by many and is only known by few. The upbeat tempo, sublime vibe, and golden piano chords are what put you in a good mood. This is one of those songs that will put you in a good mood.

Those piano chords are exactly what made Pianos Of Gold a definitive memorable house hit and golden tune from Jovonn. Those piano chords are what make Pianos Of Gold a golden tune from Jovonn. Beauty of piano chords is something that can be magically felt and heard through the sound of music.

Don’t Wanna Let U Go uses a thickened loud kick drum over muffled diluted bass. The definition of this song is deep because this song uses a deep groove. You can feel the groove as you dance along to this song. This golden tune is a pure house classic. This is one of Jovonn’s golden tunes which has been sadly overlooked by many. The fact that this song of his has been overlooked is just plain criminal because this is great house music overall.

Don’t Wanna Let U Go samples bass lines from Lil Louis & The World – Nyce & Slo and flute keys from Soul IV Real – Candy Rain.

Back 2 The House is quite loud but not as memorable as Pianos Of Gold and Don’t Wanna Let U Go were. That is because the song did not use any samples and relied on garage house instead which is not a bad thing.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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