Review: Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful is the major label debut from Action Bronson on Atlantic Records and Vice for 2015. 2015 proved to be a truly brehsive year for Action Bronson and this album. It was highly talked about by music critics and in the news for that fiscal year. Fans who purchased this album were well receptive to the track thus increasing his fan base underground and in the mainstream. The Mr. Wonderful album is a brehsive album! So be a breh and buy this Action Bronson album in stores or online! You won’t regret buying this album! Action Bronson has always been hilarious.

Brand New Car is where Action Bronson raps about his shiny brand new car. A typical rap track from 2000s rap. Rapping about cars is nothing new as it has been done before as Gucci Mane has rapped about this subject for example.

Actin Crazy is a single off the album that proves to be a hit! Action Bronson has always been hilarious! Especially from the viewpoints in his legion of fans.

City Boy Blues is where Action Bronson pays tribute and homage to the Blues genre. Blues are played over a Jazz bar instrumental however instead of the track being pure Blues instead. So this is a blues rap song in a nutshell. Blues rap meets a tinge of jazz on this track.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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