Lady Wray explains to everyone how she’s been through it all with her new single Through It All / Under The Sun.

Lady Wray explains what she has been through in the life with her new single Lady Wray – Through It All / Under The Sun in 2022. The basis of this single revolves around romance and entertainment. Her new single is available to purchase and stream. The single has that sultry and soulful sound which Big Crown Records is renown for.

Big Crown Records has repressed Lady Wray’s single Through It All / Under The Sun on 7” vinyl single (45” vinyl single to be exact). Her single is available to purchase in stores and online.

The song Through It All is about dedication through better or worse. Nicole hates when people only pretend to love each other. She wants real love. She can’t believe people supported her even when she was wrong. At times when Nicole kept getting pushed back down. She was pushed back down several times throughout her career in music.

Through It All uses more upbeat soulful bounce with the beats and vocals. Its percussion selection is fairly balanced with not too many drums used. The sound is smoother than sandpaper. A pitch-shifted soul sample seems to have been used looped throughout various parts of this song.

Under The Sun is a beautiful feel-good song with that upbeat laid back summer vibe. Lady Wray blends the past, present, and future as she, along with the Big Crown Records production team (El Michels Affair), mixes 70s retro soul with a touch of modern production. Their production makes Under The Sun sound like a 70s throwback song. Just feel the vibes and sound.

Nicole just wants to have a carefree life under the sun. Life for her has just begun. The sun is out shining and the wind is free. The music’s loud and all the kids are running around. So pass the joint and take a hit. Light up this spliff. The wind is free under the sun. Nicole just wants to have fun with her friends. She feels like living, loving, and laughing under the sun. To sum it all up, she feels like living under the sun.

Have a drink and close your eyes. Let yourself be hypnotized. There are purple clouds and purple dreams. All while laying back under a tree.

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