Review: Nomad – Paths We Walk

Nomad – Paths We Walk is one of those Quiet Storm soul rap albums from Sacramento, California which is relatively unknown and obscure. His songs have that smooth subtle Quiet Storm and soulful sound to them while he raps at a conscious angle. Nomad – Paths We Walk is a lost soul gem from the 90s era. At the time there was not a lot of money in the Sacramento rap soul scene. The Sacramento rap soul scene was very homegrown at the time. There was and is tremendous talent on the album here.

Ruff’n It sounds similar to song title about romantic rough sex, but that’s not the case with this song. Ruff’n It is a smooth mellow soul song with an Afrocentric touch and a slightly romantic R&B touch. Afrocentric beats are used in this song. A tune such as this one is quite heartfelt. Nomad proves to be rough in it on Ruff’n It.

There are 2 versions of Ruff’n It. This is the original version of Ruff’n It. The original version of Ruff’n It is much different from the version on his 1996 album Paths We Walk.

All you environmentalists and people who love Mother Earth will love this song as Nomad gets in touch with Mother Earth here. In this song he talks about escaping the fast paced hustle and bustle of working a 9 to 5 by looking for spiritual freedom.

Nomad talks about how he had to break from the typical rat race routines such as working a 9 to 5. He sold some of his material possessions. He travels far away where the nearest town is 30 miles away. His journey begins in the open wilderness. Here he thanks the Lord for what’s bestowed down up on him. Damn it feels good to begin again in life. That is how looking for spiritual freedom feels when you leave the city.

All you environmentalists and people who love Mother Earth with love Spiritual Environment. People who love Mother Nature will surely love this song. The Spiritual Environment song was dedicated to people who are down for peace with Mother Earth. This composition/song was written as an effort of peace. Nomad gives us a spiritual awakening by taking us on a spiritual journey through Spiritual Environment. Also Nomad attempts raise spiritual awareness inside of Spiritual Environment.

Nomad discusses the trials and tribulations of his nomadic lifestyle on a daily basis while searching for spiritual freedom. His roots travel deep into the Earth like a sequoia. He is free like the wind. Feeding off rain and sunlight.

The song has deep lyrics. “Knowledge of my world travels far and beyond/Signs that are deeper than the deeper ponds” and “Silence falls over my surrounding with a solitude/Night creeps in with a chill and a dark hue/Everything is calm in the cypher that I represent/These conquers all that are in my spiritual environment/Close your eyes and tell the people what you see”

The track called Paths We Walk is one of those spiritual guidance tracks which help people who are lost and need motivation in their life.

Nomad goes on a spiritual journey on Trek With Me. He vents out his frustration and anger about what is wrong modern day society on Trek With Me in a calm soothing manner.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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