Review: Brotha Lynch Hung – Midevil

The Brotha Lynch Hung – Midevil album was a classical medieval album with no funky beats unlike no other. This album has the most break through type of stuff on some demented shit. There’s no gangsta rap or soul rap on this album. Of course there are dark sounding dungeon beats which sound very medieval. Those dark beats set the tone for the album. Now some of these songs were scrapped songs which were leftovers from other albums and songs which were used on future albums.

The Midevil album was to be the follow-up album to Loaded and EBK4. Midevil was supposed to drop after EBK4. Midevil was his alter ego project. The highly sought after and most wanted Midevil album by Brotha Lynch Hung was one of the most demanded album from Black Market Records which unfortunately was never released due to business politics, legal issues, and theft.

That Midevil album of his came about when Brotha Lynch Hung and Sicx were interviewed by John Cardiel in 1996. This album would be a classical medieval album with no funky beats. The Brotha Lynch Hung – Midevil album was first advertised in the 1998 compilation album No Face Killaz under the Coming Soon section and in the Billboard Magazine in October 1999. The Brotha Lynch Hung – Midevil album was advertised in Billboard Magazine thrice in 1999. Brotha Lynch Hung had confirmed that Midevil is a full length album.

Ced Singleton signed a distribution deal with Tommy Boy Records for Black Market Records in 1998. The Brotha Lynch Hung – Midevil album was supposed to be released on October 1999 and distributed by Tommy Boy Records. However this never happened because Brotha Lynch Hung took too long to record Midevil. This upset Ced Singleton and Tommy Boy Records. Also he not want to sell his album to Tommy Boy Records. So Tommy Boy Records canceled their deal with Black Market Records sometime in 2000. This is when things started getting sour between Black Market Records and Brotha Lynch Hung. The relationship between Brotha Lynch Hung and Ced Singleton had gone sour. Yet he was at the top of his game at that point.

Around 2001 was the time Brotha Lynch Hung was going to release the Midevil album right after he got released from his recording contract with Black Market Records and was off the label as announced on the old SiccMade website and evildooinz forum board. Loki said Midevil was recorded and mixed.

Sadly however this did not happen. Some of the songs recorded for his Midevil album were stolen. Lynch was less than halfway done creating his album when he Black Market Records stole some of the songs out of the studio. His vocals were done at home. So Brotha Lynch Hung and his producers had to re-record the album from scratch. Now Brotha Lynch Hung has the Midevil album stored in his archives but has not yet released the album. The Midevil album still remains unreleased to this very day.

Pounds of Weed is a song recorded for the Midevil album which would later become known as Naked Cheese which was used on “his” EBK4 album. This was one of the songs stolen by Black Market Records. Pounds of Weed was recorded at Crystal Clear Studios in Sacramento, California in 1998. Phonk Beta produced Pounds of Weed.

Brotha Lynch Hung runs through hoe’s like pounds of weed. He sits a bitch on the curb and hit the 350. She got freaky when she smoked that weed. Thats why he couldn’t wait to make the young bitch bleed. In his possession he had champagne cut with some rump in the butt. In the cut with that killa green and it really ain’t all that bad if Lynch supply me some splene. You know his weed does not have any seeds in it.

Now he is rollin down the street in Cutlass Supreme. Lynch be off the hook like a telephone when fucking with some of dat light green seasoning. Ain’t to need in it if there ain’t no weed in it. Anyways, he had this black briefcase with weed in it of course. He is gone by the morning.

Later on he met this bitch while he was lookin for a Ziplock bag. She had a 72 Cutlass and he was trippin off that Alizé everyday hard as fuck. Knowing bitches ain’t shit, he fucked that notch in the back of the Cutlass and got the fuck up. He saw his nigga Phonk Beta and picked him up. He had a fat sack of that bomb ass weed. Now he is twisted with a pitch grip on the Alizé.

Catch You is one of those deep dark songs which deals with the subject of death. Death will catch you with your pants down and maybe while you’re sleeping. Don’t matter what you saw, death is what you reap.

Lynch remains real like his cousin E-Mil the Southside whorida. That why he can’t fuck with these Can’t fuck wit these othasidas who are from other sides of town. That’s he stays solo like a black cat. He’s seen death occur with his cousin. Fuck a bad wrap. He said he was buzzin’ but you know he wasn’t.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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