Review: Baby Soulja – Eye Of A Youngster

Baby Soulja – Eye Of A Youngster has that Southern flavor of rap due to the elements of bounce music and traps beats. The album had that purified Southern sound. He can actually can rap and is funny as hell. Baby Soulja displayed and showcased the best of his lyrical ability on his debut album. Baby Soulja/CP3 Lil One is the son of Master P’s cousin Hot Boy Jimmy.

Baby Soulja – Eye Of A Youngster is one of the lesser known No Limit albums which hardly anyone knowns about. Baby Soulja – Eye Of A Youngster was supposed to be released on No Limit Records around 2000/2001. The album was supposed to be released as a joint venture between No Limit Records, Priority Records, and Universal Records. However the album was never released because Master P rebranded the No Limit label and was focused on other artists. Baby Soulja – Eye Of A Youngster was one of many No Limit albums which was heavily promoted in the “Coming Soon” Sections in the booklets during the 2000s.

As you can tell by the flashy logo and surrounding metallics that this album cover was designed by Pen N Pixel. Many of No Limit’s album covers and movie posters were designed by Pen N Pixel during that time. Many Pen & Pixel covers left rap fans intrigued back then. This is classic No Limit album covers.

Baby Soulja explains how he got his name on the song How I Got My Name. This serves as a bragging rights sort of track. His cadence and flow go straight as a lyricist. The song begins with the classic iconic lyrics, “That’s how I got my name, nigga/Baby Soulja/Now I’m taking over/Driving in that Rover” These lyrics are also used for the chorus. The song was recorded and produced by Kenoe and XL in 1999.

Never Take A Knife To A Gunfight is a classic No Limit song performed by Baby Soulja, Master P, Reginelli, D.I.G., and Silkk. One of the most memorable lyrics to the song are “I’m like pork chops and pork n beans I’m bad for ya health” which were performed by Baby Soulja.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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