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Review: Lil Romeo – s/t

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Lil Romeo’s debut album back in 2001 was a platinum success gone right. You had the right sound, production, and promotion behind the album. Nearly every song is memorable due to the beats and promotion. Lil Romeo’s debut album is a kid friendly pop rap album that is family friendly no doubt. Everything from love ballads, nursery rhymes, to freestyles are included. The album has that crossover appeal due to that pop rap sound.

Master P was busy trying to get his son Lil Romeo’s debut album off the ground and shift his focus towards promoting that album. Lil Romeo’s career was a top priority for the label. Master P shifted towards releasing albums with more of a commercial pop rap sound from him, Lil Romeo, and 504 Boyz in 2001. This changed the sound and direction of No Limit Records. No Limit was influenced by the crossover market during that time.

XL, Myke Diesel, C-Los, Master P, and Silkk were responsible for the production of Lil Romeo’s debut album. Myke Diesel was responsible for a bulk of the production as he produced a bulk of Lil Romeo’s debut album.

Little Star is Lil Romeo’s take on and cover of the children’s nursery song and lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Erica Fox covers the chorus with her. Lil Romeo is searching around for puppy love in this song. Similar to how Lil Bow Wow was during that time.

Now not many people know this but Erica Fox was singing under the alias of Allusion. That is her singing the chorus. Interestingly enough Erica Fox was off the No Limit label by this point. So Master P must have made the executive decision to change her name in the songwriters credits to Allusion instead of her legal name.

Notice the way Lil Romeo starts off the song. He starts off the song in a militaristic style which is a militaristic chant.

[Intro: Lil Romeo]
Hut 1, Hut 2
Hut 1, Hut 2
Hut 1, Hut 2

Lil Romeo is looking for a girl who can show him around and hold it down for him. Lil Romeo is looking for puppy love. He can’t explain the way he feels. He’s a little young for this. When he sees her, all he seems to feel is happiness and her beauty. Her beauty is unusually extravagant. That is how beautiful she is. Lil Romeo won’t stop until he gets through to her. He shows how persistent he is with these lyrics, “Ain’t gone stop ’til I get thru to you”. He will bring her everything in her life she can think of.

What’s ya name Ma
I wanna hang Ma
Feel like takin’ a ride on the swang Ma
You my queen Ma
Be ya king Ma
I bring you everything in ya life you can think Ma
If we were older I’d give you a ring Ma
Take you to the concert where they sing Ma
For now I’mma let you do ya thing Ma
But if ya man turn out
He’s not getting’ a thing Ma

Erica Fox sings and covers the chorus with her own twist.

[Chorus: Allusion]
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Let’s bounce to the spot
Baby take a ride
This song is just for you and I
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Let’s bounce to the spot
Baby take a ride
This song is just for you and I

The girl Lil Romeo is looking for and getting after is hot from her feet to her braids. Dimples in her cheeks. She love to eat sweets. Lil Romeo purchased himself a baby Hummer so him and her can creep. Lil Romeo has a cell phone incase she wants to speak to him. Every time she speaks, he swears my heart skips. It’s warm inside and hot like July. He get butterflies when he looks in her eyes. This can’t be wrong. It feels too right. Turn the music up. Dim the lights. Rome-e-rome is in the zone tonight.

Your ABC’s is a children’s nursery rhyme which is performed in the form of a children’s rap song with simplistic lyrics and rhymes. All of which is performed by Lil Romeo.

(Lil Romeo)
A for apple
B is for ball
Me and C went shopping at the mall
D came over in a E class Benz
So F started fighting one of his friends

S for Soulja Music we be layin it down
T is for teaching
U is for united
V is for very important players invited

My First, My Last was 6 Piece’s first single and buzz single for their first and second album. The girlies went nuts when 6 Piece performed My First, My Last live on stage with Lil Romeo. Everyone loved this song back in the day as it was a sweet love song. Just pure and clean with no overhyped sexuality. No autotune was used at all. My First, My Last is great! Especially like the remix version! My First, My Last is great! I love this song.

Now not too many people know this but My First, My Last was recorded while 6 Piece was recording their first album called Phase 1 (Phase I) on the date of October 25, 1999. Their first single was released nationwide in early 2000 and had reached #3 on Pop Radio charts on the Billboard.

No matter how high or low, it’s important to be there for the one you love. You think of that person both night and day. Wherever they are that’s where you will go. That is the synopsis of this it was a sweet love song. That’s where you wanna be. Read, analyze, and listen to their lyrics below.

(6 Piece)
Girl I think of you both night and day
Wonder if you’re safe if you’re okay
Its just the way that you move me
Girl you’ll never lose me
I’ll be there for you because

(chorus: 6 Piece)
You’re my first (my first)
You’re my last (my last)
I’m gonna love you forever
My first (my first)
My last (my last)
I’m gonna leave you oh never

(6 Piece)
No matter how high
No matter how low
I’m gonna be there for you babe
Wherever you are that’s where I’ll go
That’s where I wanna be you and me

Lil Romeo cherished the first and last memories of his first kiss and first date. They shared all kinds of goodies at the movies. They danced all night and locked arms in every song. He loved her smile.

6 Piece was the opening act for Lil Romeo on tour. They joined the first leg of the NSYNC’s “Celebrity POP” tour preforming in coliseums nationally. They had performances with NSYNC, Alicia Keys, Jagged Edge, Tricia Yearwood and many others. The members of 6 Piece were Micah Pittard, bad boy John Reynolds, Brandon Thompson, Bobby Ritchie, Kevin Swan, and Alejandro Rocafort (the sexy Puerto Rican). 6 Piece was featured in Billboard Magazine and so many other outlets during that time. Kevin Swan stood out as the most memorable group member of 6 Piece in his tenure.

Lil Romeo and Lil Zane performed a beautiful rendition and cover of Sting – Take My Breath Away with the song Take My Pain Away. The song deals with the pain of losing a love one.

Every time someone is born, someone else has to die. Seeing people die for/with no purpose. All your family and friends shed tears. We try to understand why as every year goes by. Where do we go from here is the big question. Where do we go from here? What did we do to deserve this? The fast life is much too short. The world is too much to take your (and our) pain away.

That’s Kool (Remix) is another one of Lil Romeo’s memorable songs from his debut album which constantly played all over BET, VH1, and MTV back in 2001. Not many people know this but That’s Kool (Remix) was actually Lil D’s first No Limit song he ever appeared on. Kool (Remix) was produced by Silkk The Shocker, Master P, and C-Los.

Silkk the Shocker’s off beat flow makes the song recognizable with Lil Romeo. Little D’s accent is so thick you can barely make out what he is saying. Some of you may remember Little D because of that. Here is what he was saying:

(Little D)
Right here in my No Limit gear hands in the air
To all my younggins Tank Doggs is full up in here
Were the girls at? Holla back loud in ya ear
Make way for the kids, whodi this is our year

(Little D)
My homeboy is done we can party fa’ sho
Meet me at the playground at a quarter to four
Mom said it’s all good she said I can go
It’s on 2 Way me when you’re ready to roll

Lil Romeo explains why you don’t want to mess with him on the song Don’t Want To as he a lyrical beast with his uncle Silkk The Shocker. That Down South stuff is groovy.

Y’all don’t really want to mess with Lil Romeo. Y’all better respect his G. You better think before you step to him. He is from the CP3 better known as Calliope Projects.

Y’all really down to ride with Lil Romeo, Soulja Music, and No Limit? Cross side and get wild with them? Get it crunk all the way live with them? So Cross side and get wild with them. So get it crunk and all the way live with them. From the South to the Eastside with them.

Let’s get it on. Lil Romeo is bad to the bone. Edgin on yo dome. What you know about a baby hummer sittin on chrome? He makes moves like he is grown with a style of his own. See the ice around his neck? He goes to school in a Range Rover. He is/was a 5th grader with a $70 dollar phone and two way pager. I wreck mics rip shows and kick floors as he has got flavor in other words. That is why he is a major deal. Lil Romeo’s got y’all throwin them bo’s. If you are/were hating, then stop that.

He’s what you been missing. Lil Romeo is that cool cat nice with the ball who hits jumpers and score nicer than y’all. You better take your points cause you might not score. He’s been practicing since the age of 4. He’s got my mind right as he is up in the limelight. He is dangerous in so many ways. Sounds like a wild animal which needs to be in a cage. A lil soulja is what they call him.

Lil Romeo and Afficial will make you dance with their song Make You Dance. The song uses simplistic rhymes in a kid friendly manner.

If you wanna dance, I’ma make you dance. And if you wanna move, I’ma make you move. But if you down with No Limit say Romeo.

You know Romeo travels worldwide from the west to the east. He can’t drive. So instead he has a chauffeur to transport him places. He can’t drive. So in the passenger seat. Girls are constantly chasing him around. He is platinum plus, whodie. Check the fan mail. Who’s stopping him now? You know he’s got the club jumpin’ like Destiny’s Child. Lil Romeo’s a mini-millionaire. Pick a park to play. Six Flags, baby girl. You can have it your way.

Lil Zane says the lil shorty gotta mouth on him. A lot of homies are lookin out for him. Lil Zane knows that angels was lookin down on him when Master P gave him the opportunity to be featured on Lil Romeo’s song.

A baby hummer wasn’t enough for Lil Romeo. So he had to purchase himself a Jaguar. Lil Romeo does not lie about anything. Look at his father Master P. He’s got the south on lock and sound on lock. Whodie, he is the best here. No Limit sweats and sneakers are the best gear. The girls love him when I step on the stage with his baby face going and his hair in the braids. He acknowledges that his body guards hate when he stops and waves. Lil Romeo has been in more cities than birthdays. Lil Zane and Afficial held it down with him on this song and Take My Pain Away.

Haters are mad that Afficial is bringin the heat and are the thing of the streets. They weren’t the thing of the streets in the previous year of 2000. And they are mad because Afficial is up in the Jag with Romeo having more cheese than Dominoes. They hate Afficial because they are the center of attraction. And like the Lakers on the tour. The best like Phil Jackson. That’s how Afficial is bringin the heat.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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