Review: 6 Piece – 2002 Six Piece

The 6 Piece – 2002 Six Piece album was supposed be released in 2002 as a joint venture between No Limit Records and Universal Records. However that did not happen as boy bands were on the decline by 2002. Boy bands were no longer the “in thing” by 2002. So unfortunately the album was shelved by Master P as this was his business decision and remains unreleased. Songs such as Once Upon A Time, God Bless The Angels, Anytime, Lady, Share Your Heart, Just Can’t Walk Away, and Where Do Broken Hearts Go were recorded for their third album.

Now perhaps if 6 Piece came out in an earlier decade and were fresh back in the day, they would have been on the same level as the Backstreet Boys, O-Town, NSYNC, NKOTB, ˚98 Degrees, or Blackstreet. It was due to the fact of over saturation of boy bands in early turn of the 21st century that caused 6 Piece to be overlooked. Other than that, this 6 piece album is off the hook! This is a great album for anyone who is a pop fan. One thing is definite is that this album qualifies as crossover pop.

For those who don’t know or remember, 6 Piece was an Atlanta, Georgia based six-piece boy band back in the early 2000s and were signed to No Limit Records. 6 Piece first established themselves in 1999 when they signed independently to StarrWorks Entertainment working with producer Maurice Starr. They also had songs used on Lil Romeo’s album and Mr. Magic’s album.

6 Piece was the opening act for Lil Romeo on tour. They joined the first leg of the NSYNC’s “Celebrity POP” tour preforming in coliseums nationally. They had performances with NSYNC, Alicia Keys, Jagged Edge, Tricia Yearwood and many others. The members of 6 Piece were Micah Pittard, bad boy John Reynolds, Brandon Thompson, Bobby Ritchie, Kevin Swan, and Alejandro Rocafort (the sexy Puerto Rican). Kevin Swan stood out as the most memorable group member of 6 Piece in his tenure.

6 Piece was featured in Billboard Magazine and so many other outlets during that time. 6 Piece was described as a “pop-crossover act” by Billboard Magazine. Their third album was advertised in the Billboard Magazine back in 2002.

Their album was also advertised in Billboard back in 2002.

The album cover has all of the members wearing firefighter uniforms and standing next to a fire truck. This is not the same album which was advertised in Lil Romeo’s debut album back in 2001. This is an entirely different 6 Piece album altogether.

Just Can’t Walk Away is about the pain of someone who loved you letting go of you. The song is a heartbreaking love ballad. “You never know, what you’ve got until you lose it” is the educational message of this 6 Piece song.

You are constantly going crazy over the person who loved you that let go of you. That person who loved you walked out on you. They are now and forever out of your life. That turned your world upside down. It ain’t been the same lately. You don’t know what to do. Without that person in your life, you are nothing. It’s been a tight situation since they’ve been gone.

You keep hoping that person comes back in your life. You keep praying and hoping that person who loved you walks through that door. You constantly dream about that person and obsess over that person in a non-healthy manner. What ends up happening is that you hyper focus on that person. You never know, what you’ve got until you lose it.

Once Upon A Time was recorded for their second album and for the Radio Disney Presents Mighty Music CD which was given away at McDonald’s restaurants in 2002. Dre Allen and Gen Rubin wrote the song for Master Ps boy band 6 Piece. A music video was recorded for Once Upon A Time after the September 11 bombing in 2001 and as a McDonalds promo. The song was distributed via CD ROM in a McDonald’s happy meal promotion all over the US.

Lyrics to the chorus explain how it’s hard to say goodbye and how memories can be cherished by a person for a lifetime.

I’d walk across the sun to write your name in lights
I’d fly across the sky with no wings once upon a time
For you I would say anything but I can’t say goodbye
Your memories I keep with me for life you’re my once upon a time

God Bless The Angels is one of their more heartfelt religious songs with a gospel sound and vibe. Gospel met the sounds of R&B/soul on this 6 Piece song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


  1. So the how do we get to hear this stuff. Why let it be lost to time release it for the fans. I know no limit was like an assembly line once it hit me da last Don . 97 it was mia x in July I think then Sept 7th was ghetto d day a national holiday jk. Then Oct or early November was mystical saying silk comes out Jan. Then Jan gets switched to young bleed.. which I can’t recall how I heard of it unless in a magazine ad. But it was 1 a month. Young bleed for cloc and how ya do Dat partnership, silkk dropped February. Cmurder March. Then after I got the hookup soundtrack movie was successful he greenlit sons of funk, fiend, Soulja slim and mp da last Don. The slim release had a date for da last Don and Aug 4th snoop. Nothing else. Kane Abel coming soon. My da last Don drops does really well, greenlit Kane and Abel, in Kane and Abel booklet mac is given a in 2 weeks release date and snoop Dogg is August 4th. After Snoop and mac and kane&Abel albums sell well p sticks while the iron is hot with a ridiculous ramped up schedule. I think September dropped big Ed which I thought being advertised so long that he’d have some done already, but also magic, skull duggery (who I like besides what the police found but I heard NO cops are crooked), and then mean green major players comp, October had prime suspects, Gambino family and supposed to be mia x but she’s pushed to Nov 1st, mystical from Nov to Dec. Nov mia x, ghetto commission, steady mobbin, then Dec had no limit soldier compilation, full blooded, mystical, and I got hookup jam vhs. Then back to 1 a month. Jan silkk Feb Mr serv on, March cmurder, foolish? Or foolish was April. Then mo b dick then Lil soldiers, snoop in may, no limit Allstars comp, June Tru and Mercedes. July fiend and no porsha. It seemed the plan was August 504 Boyz Sept dj klc hits by the pound. October master p greatest hits with 7 new tracks, turned into only God can judge me..


    • The song Once Upon A Time was recorded for their second album and for the Radio Disney Presents Mighty Music CD which was given away at McDonald’s restaurants in 2002. The song was distributed via CD ROM in a McDonald’s happy meal promotion all over the US. That is how we got to hear some of their music.


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