Review: Popeye – Edge Of My Life

Popeye displayed and showcased the best of his lyrical ability on his debut album Popeye – Edge Of My Life. The album had that purified Southern sound. He was regarded as one of the best lyricists next to Lil Wayne, DIG, and Mac Phillips. That makes sense as his style of rap and cadence are similar to Lil Wayne.

Popeye – Edge Of My Life was supposed to be released on April 18, 2000 but was never released because Master P rebranded the No Limit label and focus on other artists. Popeye left the label in 2002 and went the independent route after waiting patiently for 2 years for his album to be released. Popeye – Edge Of My Life was one of many No Limit albums which was heavily promoted in the “Coming Soon” Sections in the booklets during the 2000s.

As you can tell by the flashy logo and surrounding metallic gears that his album her album cover was designed by Pen N Pixel. Many of No Limit’s album covers and movie posters were designed by Pen N Pixel during that time. Many Pen & Pixel covers left rap fans intrigued back then.

Naked Feet is laced with a smoky upbeat harmonious organ over modern rap beats behind some heavy mean bass. Naked Feet was a last minute freestyle which was performed by Popeye and produced by Kenoe and XL.

He gets creative with his lyrics and rhymes on this song. Here are some examples.

A clip in the rain
A chain of few kinds
For this letter from prison
I fish and bring a few rhymes

The sun is sure to rain
My fish are blurry because I blow the brain
And yet you wonder how we know the games

Stacked too closely
So let me overdose
Over toast my ruffled blue sleeves

The song I Need A Thug was used on the 1999 album Mercedes – Rear End. The song featured Master P, O’Dell, and Popeye. R&B mixed with motherfucking rap. This song is for those ladies who need a thug in their life. C-Los produced the beats for this Mercedes song.

Forget your feelings inside but all they do is over reach Popeye’s tone. Under-handing him so poorly when he speaks in the phone. He isn’t who you though he was. From second hand to man, he caught a buzz. He don’t deserve to ride with shorty because every individual thug is caught in a drought. Killers that roam the streets and don’t give a fuck what your knife say. Resting beside the gun for the sun that’s coming soon. Start to adapt but more that we touched you chose the right way. Put your heart in his lap. Girl, you know you need a thug in your life. You can’t give a little and assume that I will give into this love.

Mercedes notices lately that Popeye has not been trying to keep up with her love. Mercedes needs a thug with a gangstas touch. A chance on raw romance. You know, something raunchy. She asks him to blow her mind and keep up with her.

I rate this album 3/5***.


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