September 24, 2023

This Metallica album called St. Anger was released in 2003, 2 years after the Napster controversy in 2001 with the illegal digital download that nearly wiped the Napster p2p file sharing internet service off the face of the Earth only to mysteriously resurface later on in the 2000s era. Ever since the Napster incident, Metallica’s album sales have been declining. The Napster controversy took a toll on the band financially. This is where Lars Ulrich started becoming an asshole to his fans. He had every right to be after they damaged his band financially speaking but he went over his head as time went along. Band members quit Metallica because of his attitude towards the public.

By that time, Metallica had ran its course as a band despite the demands from fans to record new album including those live albums along with the rave reviews that supported them. Metallica as a band was getting sloppy and their sound wasn’t as distinctive or golden as it used to be despite the St. Anger album selling millions of copies around the world with an average of 1 million sold in each continent on Earth. Just because you have a bestselling top charting album doesn’t mean that the album will be necessarily great. St. Anger was an example of that.

Metallica had ran its course as a heavy metal band. The public was moving on as expected in the ever rapid fast paced music industry. New fans were too demanding, the music industry was looking for the next big thing, and hardcore fans had given up on the band.

New heavy metal fans considered this a great comeback album while hardcore Metallica fans considered this album to be a terrible attempt of a comeback album. Hardcore Metallica fans argued that Metallica was loosing their sound and were no longer relevant. This dissuaded hardcore Metallica fans to no longer support the Metallica band.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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