September 24, 2023

The Last Laff is one of Lil Rob’s forgotten albums which did not receive or garner as much attention as much as his other albums have. Last Laff seemed to have flown under the radar. This album was released on CD format in 2002 by Signature Records. The Last Laff is not a full length album but is actually an EP.

The Last Laff was produced by DJ Rek, Moox, and Fingazz. Various producers were used during production and recording process for this EP. VMF had nothing to do with the production of this recording. You can tell by listening to The Last Laff that there is a heavy influence of 70s funk and soul laced with some occasional electro funk. Lil Rob raps honesty about the world around him.

Last Laff was recorded after Lil Rob left Low Profile Records in 2001. This song would be the very first song Lil Rob would record after he left Low Profile Records. The song was completed in 2002 for his The Last Laff EP.

The song Last Laff is a diss aimed at Royal T (CEO and executive producer of Low Profile Records). This feud stems from Royal-T stealing royalties from Lil Rob’s success.

According to Lil Rob’s manager, Lil Rob sold over $1 million worth of his own CD’s and didn’t receive a dime. Lil Rob feuded with Royal T over accounting issues over unpaid royalties and marketing issues. Lil Rob himself was caught in a scam set up by Royal T. One of Lil Rob’s albums to had the same barcode as Royal T’s albums resulting in Royal T receiving all of the profits.

A DJ gives us an update on today’s news at the very beginning. Lil Rob tells the public, “You can’t keep a good man down and I will have the last laugh” . This was his comeback for 2002. He disperses of any rumors about him being dead.

FM 113.57 with today’s up to date global news
In news today, the infamous rapper Lil’ Rob
Presumed to be dead for the past two years
Apparently has only been held down by jealous haters
Lil’ Rob releases a statement today stating
“You can’t keep a good man down and I will have the last laugh”

But that doesn’t even matter though. Any publicity is good publicity as long as they mention him.

Front, Back, Side to Side is a song where Lil Rob brags about his car. It’s one of those songs to cruise to. Firme for the eses.

Remember cruising down the avenue in the Regal? We thought we were all bad with McLeans and a lowered car. But nowadays if you don’t got hundred spokes, homey don’t even bring you car out. And if you ain’t switched up, forget about it. Let me tell you about me ride, ese.

Lil Rob’s carrucha got four pumps and four square dumps. Hydraulics, custom paint, rims and bump bumps. Everything he needs for his lowrider. He goes hook it up with them vatos who can hook it up. Front, back, side to side, corner and pancake. People trip out when they see Lil Rob’s carro shake like a Southern California earthquake. He takes many chances on this carrucha that dances.

There are many Chevys to where you would think we’re in the 1960s. He hits his switches up and down. He does the same thing with the top. No matter where he goes they say his tires glow.

Lil Rob gives us a selection of perfection on So Many Styles. His choice of subject matter is about his style of rapping.

Lil Rob gives you a selection of perfection. No need to question why he leaves these other vatos with manic depression. Misdirection. Leaving them guessing and leaving them stressing. And leave them sketching their next lesson. Until they feel his aggression, his profession is positive. He is competitive.

Lil Rob has been since he was a 12 year old in 7th grade back when he was in detention at CYA (California Youth Authority). He’s not new to writing raps. These lyrics made reference of him writing raps in detention. “Homey I was writing rhymes back in seventh grade in detention”

He is bored with the typical writing style of rap. Quit saying the same thing over and over. These lyrics are a reference that.:

“I have to send those fools back to the drawing board/Ten seconds of your song and I’m already bored/Making me snore, I won’t be listening to that no more/You vatos make me not want to listening to rap no more/Hoping you don’t have no more”

Notice how his rap style is poetic. He chose two words that rhymed together which were “board” and “bored”.

His rhymes are tighter and wiser as he gets older. Can’t take the heat then get your ass out the kitchen! You got three minutes to make your distance. Lil Rob got so many styles. Go ahead and pick one. He has got plenty of them. Pick which one you like and ride with any of them. Rolas in progress. Lil Rob the sick one.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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