Review: Crimpshrine – Quit Talkin’ Claude…E.P.

Now the Crimpshrine – Quit Talkin’ Claude…E.P. is a unique interesting hardcore pop punk rock EP. You can feel the vibe of youthfulness and freedom as you listen to songs such as Butterflies and Inspiration. This is one of those records you’ll never get tired of listening to. No one from East Bay sings like Jeff Ott.

The song Butterflies deals with the consequences of urban sprawl and population growth. There used to be butterflies but now there are no butterflies around here anymore. The land that was once bare is filled with condos and shopping malls. Life was so much simpler a long time ago. People here seemed friendlier.

The second verse in Butterflies is so true. Every day gets colder as population growth continues. Now everyone is uptight and dense due to overcrowding and a lack of space. Everyone lives on top of each other. There’s no room left for the citizens that had lived there prior to urban sprawl and population growth. People have fucked up this city for everyone else. Now it’s grown too big. The concrete stretches for miles.

Some fans call Butterflies one of the best punk songs ever written. The song is a poignant classic.

Sometimes there are no easy answers to the things in life. That is what the song Easy Answers teaches us. For example, some people will manipulate your emotions to get what they want. There are no easy answers as to why.

You can feel a vibe of youthfulness and freedom on the song Inspiration. The song teaches us there are limits and restrictions even to bright things such as inspiration. You can still have freedom even with those restrictions. Don’t have a slave mentality.

I rate this EP 4/5****.

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