EDM hashtag takes over twitter by storm.

EDM hashtag takes over twitter by storm.

It seems that the EDM hashtag used on twitter has taken over twitter by storm. The hashtag is used over 2,000 times a day on the Twitter website. 2 people use the EDM hashtag every minute or so it seems. EDM is currently being pushed by the artists inside the music industry of the United States and news press.

It seems that on twitter the electronic music sub-genre called EDM has gained a relatively large cult following in the underground music scene. EDM is the largest rising musical sub-genre in the 2010s era along with the trippy dubstep genre. EDM News is all over twitter and the internet world. EDM has taken over the nightlife club scenes unsurprisingly. EDM is ever so popular in the twittosphere world.

Undiscovered artists from all over the world are popping up on in the sub-genre of music called EDM. These artists are passionate about sharing it with the world. The trends of dubstep and EDM have become a mainstay because of this. Kaskade, Take, deadmau5 are examples of underground EDM artists and producers.


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