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Is It Finally Game Over For FONZi NeuTRON? Who Is Warren Vincent!

After a string of recent events and circumstances the following was posted to social media

It has only been a few weeks shy of the well received “No Limit Soldiers” LP so understandably this has come as somewhat a surprise to listeners and fans.

Born in Birmingham, UK. Warren Vincent has developed a distinctive style over his 20 year recording and performing tenure. Attributing this to being a citizen of the World this can be heard in his ability to implement a masterful vernacular; with past, present and future elements alike. Under the moniker FONZi NeuTRON; Warren has developed an extensive music catalogue as well as creating this platform, radio broadcasts, podcasts, film production and more.

Now it’s not clear if this is the last we will hear from Warren Vincent under the FONZi name but we can confirm that there has started to be a dismantlement of past platforms created by Warren including the Global World Class DJ Club initiative which was reportedly officially disbanded over the weekend, this has been cited to social media platforms and others working together to categorically steal from the original creator while allowing others to profit and usurp for their own benefit all while doing nothing to help rectify the lies and situation.

Now we know that these mainstream platforms have been doing their work of inequity in attempt to suppress the creativity and growth of selective creators so it is possible that has something to do with it.

Now while there is no official word yet we will follow this situation closely and update in due course.

In the meantime premium content will continue to be removed from these unsavoury website and added primarily to Bout Dat Online official website, Patreon, and OnlyFans

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