Review: One Shade – The Beginning

One Shade – The Beginning is a funky soulful R&B album with a combination of soul and funk. The album is littered with sultry love ballads and slow jams. Being that this is 90s R&B/Soul, the album will be filled sexual innuendos among other explicit themes catered to the adult audiences. One Shade came out at a time where everyone and their mom had a group or was in a group.

One Shade – The Beginning was of the many Rap A Lot albums that was supposed to be released in the 1990s. One Shade – The Beginning was an album that was supposed to be released in February 1996 on a subsidiary label of Rap A Lot Records called Sing A Lot Records. But sadly that album was never released for whatever reason(s). One Shade was a southern soul quintet that was their first group to sign onto the label. Sing A Lot Records was established to branch into the R&B/Soul market.

It seems as if One Shade got lost in the shuffle of the over saturated R&B/Soul market of the 90s. It was probably bad timing on the label’s part. Sing A Lot was a subsidiary label that was never meant to be due to the oversaturation of R&B/Soul market.

One Shade – The Beginning is one of the rarest Rap A Lot albums which is considerably rare and impossible to find. This is the most rarest albums from Rap A Lot albums next to Def IV – Nice And Hard. Not many people know about this album. Only collectors have this album.

Flava 2 Sava is about savoring the flavor whether it be food or sexual intercourse. Knowing that this is 90s R&B/Soul, the song will be about sexual intercourse. It’s the flavor of the month right here. One Shade supplies us with the flavor to savor. Or in this case Flava 2 Sava.

Sweet Love is an uptempo love song with catchy beats which definitely grabs the listener(s) attention. The relaxed synths fit in with the piano chords perfectly. Those piano chords overlap sick bass despite the bass being louder than the piano chords. The song Sweet Love is about sexual intercourse.

I Luv U is a love song dedicated to all the ladies out there with babies. I Luv U is a mid tempo slow jam. One Shade gives nothing but love to all the single ladies out there. The song celebrates the goodness of childbirth and parenthood.

The acappella on Ooh Girl was perfectly sung to suit the smooth nature of this soul song. The song itself is a slow downtempo soul song. If you enjoy music that is very downtempo, then this song is appropriate for you. You won’t be disappointed!

Freaky 2 U is a perfect song to play at midnight while you have sexual intercourse with your lover. Hence the sexual innuendo in the song title. The acappella is smoothly sung.

The relaxed synths on How Many Lixx are sure funky for a slow jam. Their singing is perfect. The song is a mid tempo slow jam. Funk meets soul and R&B on How Many Lixx.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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