Review: Caine – Menace World

Caine – Menace World was an album that was supposed to be released on Rap A Lot Records in 1998 and to be distributed by Virgin but was never released. Producers 7 Aurelius Vest and Mike Dean handled a bulk of the production. They laid down those thick beats.

Pen N Pixel designed the album cover as they were creating and designing graphics for Rap A Lot during the late 90s. Pen N Pixel placed the cover to what was his slated-to-be debut album in Rap Magazine. Some of you Rap A Lot fans may remember that back in the 90s that Caine – Menace World album was advertised in the Geto Boys – Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly album and Scarface – My Homies album.

A lot of material recorded for his debut album was used on Scarface’s album (My Homies, Untouchable, and Last of a Dying Breed) and the Geto Boys – Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly album. Those were songs intended for his debut album.

However his raps sounded artificial and his voice was too stitled. Basically those vocals of his were too smooth. So his album got shelved as a result. The other reason why his album never came out was due to a rumor about him getting shot when he was merely involved with an altercation in Los Angeles, California. That would have brought forth bad publicity to Rap A Lot. So J Prince ended up dropping Caine from the label.

Caine was none other than actor Tyrin Turner. Tyrin Turner maintained his character from Menace II Society by turning his movie persona into a rap career. Actors turning into rapper was still a relatively uncommon concept at this point. Caine went in and caused a menace to society on his verse on the Geto Boys song Dawn 2 Dusk which was from the Da Good Da Bad Da Ugly album. After Tyrin Turner made a cameo in the video for rapper Scarface’s 1997 hit Mary Jane. He felt the need to capitalize off of Caine, his character from the movie Menace II Society. So he signed to Rap-A-Lot for more than $50,000 dollars. However the album was never released to image problems. His raps sounded artificial and his voice was too stitled.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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