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Big Herc 916 Exposes Discriminatory Practices For Black People Getting Cannabis License

A Congressman Is even ‘Outraged’ Over Lack Of Diversity In Marijuana License Approvals In New Jersey

A U.S. congressman wants answers from New Jersey regulators about why none of the 56 marijuana retailer licenses that state regulators have approved have gone to black business owners from communities most impacted by prohibition.

Rep. Donald Payne (D-NJ) said in a press release last week that he’s “outraged to hear that Black-owned businesses have been shut out of the state’s cannabis marketplace,” noting that black people are significantly more likely to face arrests over marijuana despite comparable rates of use among different races.

“New Jersey has a chance to correct this inequality and allow people abused by the system to finally benefit from it with a fair distribution of cannabis business licenses,” he said. “Instead, we are seeing the same inequality with these licenses that we see in marijuana arrests.”

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