Review: Waajeed ‎– Shango EP

Waajeed ‎– Shango EP is one of the most underrated house EPs of 2017 that did not receive enough acclaim or enough love. The Change EP was criminally underrated sadly. 3 techno house styled dance floor movers were included. Each track is worth listening to without skipping. You cannot say that about nearly most house EPs in the genre of electronic music.

Winston’s Midnight Disco uses an influence of deep house sound and bits of 70s disco. That is how and why disco meets deep house on Winston’s Midnight Disco. This is an amazing track from Waajeed. What makes this track so relaxing and heavenly are the synths and chords. You can feel vibrations coming from those synths and chords when this track starts playing. Waajeed does a good job making the beats match up with the synths and chords in a timely manner too.

Dance music meets the deep house sound on the title track called Shango. The beginning of this track is backed by a single electronic horn from a keyboard. Shango is a great dance song with incredible drums, percussion, and horns. The horns, drums, and percussion are what make this song an incredible dance floor mover.

Better Late Than Never uses such groovy retro electro synths over snaps and snares. The electro synths make this song so smooth. That is why Better Late Than Never is a good house track despite not being as upbeat or as uptempo as Shango or Winston’s Midnight Disco. Nevertheless this track is certainly a dance floor mover at the club.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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