Review: DJ Cam – The French Connection

Review: DJ Cam – The French Connection

The French Connection album by DJ Cam is a continuous mix of eurotechno electronic music featuring contributions for The Sounds of Artefacts from France. The Sounds of Artefacts and come with an avant garde Jazz meets meets Electronic music sound. Focus remains on DJ Cam to lead the charge on this album. Most of the tracks are continuously mixed by DJ Cam.

The Mighty Bop Remix of Garance is mixture of Jazz, electronic music, and hip hop music from the soul of DJ Cam and Artefacts. DJ Cam experiments with spacey auto-wah sound effects at the very beginning of the track.

DJ Cam Remix of More comes with a funky organic bass line onto breakbeats of hip hop sound. DJ Cam lays down the track with key signature turntablism skills. Simultaneously, he adds church bells every 10 seconds to the breakbeats. Breakbeats are a part of DJ Cam’s turntablism as they are included on this track.

Epistrophy comes with an angelic harmonious electronic uprising from sounds of the keyboard. The keyboard arrays are not too distorted. Upright bass is played on middle note.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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