Review: Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay

This album Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay was released in 1970 on CTI Records and CBS. Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay is one of most underrated piece of Jazz albums to ever come out! This album was produced by the underground Jazz producer Creed Taylor. Herbie Hancock is on the piano. Lenny White is on the drums. There are 5 songs total. This album along with other albums by Freddie Hubbard where a very overlooked and underrated this bite him being the world known trumpet player that he is.

Red Clay is one of the most absolutely most masterful jazz pieces of all time! It is absolutely a brilliant masterpiece! The pace gets slower yet gets faster to retain that 40s swing jazz ensemble sound. First the pace is slow then fast. It gets faster. Red Clay is one of the most jazziest songs of all time! Best 12 minute long Jazz songwriters piece ever written! Red Clay was an underrated and overlooked hit single indeed. Red Clay will remind you of New York City and Philadelphia on grey stormy day.

Delphia has that swing dance/swing Jazz along with the ensemble and riffraff of Philadelphia Blues from the timeline of the 1940s. However Delphia is not as fast paced as Red Clay is. Delphia should have been the second single in my opinion. The song is about 7 minutes and 20 seconds long. Killer effects on the Jazz organ and Jazz woodwind flute.

Suite Sioux is an 8 in a half minute long Jazz song.  Cold Turkey is another underrated jazz masterpiece!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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