No Rules. A No Limit Films movie that never was.

Some of you No Limit fans out there may remember a movie called “No Rules” which was advertised in the album Silkk The Shocker ‎– My World, My Way back in early 2000. This was to be one of No Limit Films many hip hop inspired action movies executive produced and directed by Master P. Thanks to Silkk’s prominent roles in movies such as I Got the Hook-Up, Hot Boyz, and Corrupt, he had a fledgling career as an actor. He had buckled down more since his own future is in his own hands.

This No Limit Films movie was a hip hop inspired action movie which Silkk plays the role of a gambler and a hustler who swindles people out of their money illicitly. There are no rules in this game. Anything goes in this world where Silkk resides. No Rules had a similar tone, setting, climax, and feeling which was similar to the Hunger Games movie.

Pen N Pixel designed the artwork for the cover as they did all of No Limit Films movie posters back in the 1990s and 2000s. The caption in all red bold letters read, “NO RULES” IN THIS WORLD, ANYTHING GOES Silkk The Shocker ‎– My World, My Way was the only album where the movie “No Rules” was ever advertised. The movie was never advertised anywhere else.

Here is what happened to the No Rules movie.

On December 9, 1999, Master P’s No Limit Films production company signed a multi-movie deal with Trimark Pictures. The deal stipulated that Trimark would fund a minimum of 5 No Limit movies. Trimark was to help to market and distribute these No Limit Films movies. No Rules was among one of the first movies under the new agreement with Trimark Pictures.

No Rules was one of No Limit Films many hip hop inspired action movies which never got released next to Hoop Fighter and The Down Low. This because Master P shifted his focus on producing the Lockdown movie instead because that was his initial focus at the time he signed the deal. So Master P halted the production on No Rules and canceled the movie in early 2001.

There was a higher demand for Lockdown as that movie was promoted heavily from 1998-2001. Fans were looking forward to seeing Lockdown than they was No Rules or Hoop Fighter. Hoop Fighter was hardly promoted at all while Lockdown and I’m Bout It were heavily promoted.

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