Review: Mercedes – Rear End

The Mercedes – Rear End album uses a fusion and combination of R&B/soul on rap songs. For example, Do You Wanna Ride? uses a fusion of funk relying on the Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl sample while It’s Your Thang relies on the sample of The Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing. No Limit was inspired by sounds of funk, soul, and pop during the time. Her album features label mates such as Mia X, Mac, O’Dell, A-Lexxus, Big Ed, and others.

Mercedes took all of the shine with the success of her Rear End album on No Limit Records back in 1999, which was mostly due to the moderate success of singles It’s Your Thang and Ya’ll Ain’t. The shine on No Limit Records with her Rear End album lasted from 1999 to 2002. Do You Wanna Ride? was one of the moderately successful singles off the album which also drew in a crowd for her and No Limit. Mercedes – Rear End is one of the most sought after in Southern rap due to the album cover and moderately successful singles.

Now the album cover was designed by Pen N Pixel which made this album the most sought after in Southern rap. You have the golden iced out lettering with jeweled encasing. Notice the opaque but flashy backgrounds. Some of you might remember the provocative album cover. Mercedes assumed a sexual position with her ass sticking out on the cover of her album.

You’re the Only One explains how the man Mercedes wants to fall in love with is the only one for her and she cannot let him go.

He is the only one for Mercedes. He is the finest thing she has ever seen. It all happened about a year ago. They both had made a promise not to let it go. But now Mercedes has gotten this far. She couldn’t help but let it go. She knows that he is aware of the in the past she felt for him. Mercedes never let him know what’s going on because she never really let him hold het this way. But now she is coming to him honestly. Mercedes tells him, “Boy, you are the only one. You are the only one for me.” This is evident in the lyrics to Verse 1.

I know you know of things in the past
That I felt for you
Never let you know whats going on
Cause I never really let you hold me this way

Mercedes wondering if he feels the same way that she does. The feelings that Mercedes hold within her heart. She hopes to never part with him. She hopes he knows what she feels for him. She has a thing for him of course.

Erica Fox, Mercedes, Ms. Peaches, and O’Dell show us the freaky things they can do on Pony Ride. Erica Fox, Mercedes, Ms. Peaches, and O’Dell will take you on a sensual and sexual pony ride.

Light a candle. Mercedes wants to get you in the mood, slip you into her bedroom, and show you the freaky things that she can do. She will take you places you’ve never seen before. Pleasure you in ways you’ve never been pleasured before. You will be pleased and satisfied. I hope you’re feeling her emotions. You got her in ecstasy.

O’Dell will explore your every avenue with you. He’ll show you everything he can do. Let him take you places. Places that you wonder. He’ll take you everywhere. He can and will go on and on all night. He’ll touch and tease you. Please don’t bite. You know you want what soldiers do. So let him show it to you.

Let Erica Fox, Mercedes, Ms. Peaches, and O’Dell take you on a pony ride. Just get inside while they are nice and high. Their loving goes on and on.

Come and lay your body down right here next to Ms. Peaches The temperature is rising. I know you can feel the heat. Ms. Peaches knows you’ve had a long night. She promises to give you her love. Everything will be alright.

Let Erica Fox take you away to a place unlike you’ve ever known. She will give you love. I’ll give you love from me, cause now you are at home. Let her get you close to you. She’ll give you what you need. Tonight’s the night, sweet baby.

Candlelight and Champagne is a song for the grown and sexy people who are unwinding down to their night. The song is laced with her soulful singing as things start to get freaky and kinky.

Ain’t nothing wrong with some candlelight and some chilled champagne for you tonite. All Mercedes wants to do is make love to you tonite. Mercedes knows you want to see her in her negligee. So she peels her clothes off slowly. It’s starting to get hot in here. Welcome to your freakiest fantasy. Touch her and see.

Mercedes explains how pussy makes the world go round on Pussy.

They say pussy makes the world go round. Especially when it’s hot and the mood is right. That is a fact. Pussy is like a drug except there are no additives. Ain’t no weak green paying the fee to get pleased. A lady like Mercedes was born to fuck and she won’t stop fucking.

Mercedes wants mean to fuck her body in the wildest ways that anyone could imagine if possible. The dope shit you want makes you weak in the knees. So come inside her love.

Crazy Bout Ya is a Mercedes/Master P duo. The song explains why the two are crazy about each other emotionally. They are crazy for one another.

Master P (Mercedes) talking:

Mercedes Mercedes I’m home boo
Look what I got for you baby
(Look get this up out of my face
I told you I don’t want anything to do with your dirty money)
(I’m telling you, you need to change your life)
Man you trippin on me? and I’m out here trying to have something for us?
(Cause when it all boiles down it’s gonna be me crying)
Man you ain’t gotta worry about that
Oh you think your better than me now?
I’m outta here girl

Mercedes going insane without her man. She can’t help herself. She doesn’t want anybody else because she is so crazy about him. Mercedes do anything to see him.

Mercedes never forgets the first day they met. She was so crazy about him. She beeped him her pager all the days just to hear him say, “Someday we will be together.” He makes Mercedes have these funny feelings. This is because he shows her that real type of love. Mercedes just loves herself a thug.

The feelings her man has for her are hard to explain to her. He will do anything for her. He’d die for her. He is so crazy about her. He tells Mercedes, “Just give me a chance and I promise never to lie to you. I would be the best for you. Complete any task for you. Any wrong doing, I swear, I’d do the time for you. I could feel your pain that’s why it’s easy to cry for you. So please don’t leave me because I can’t breath without you.”

Mercedes took care of the situation when her man got caught by the feds. She was waiting on his phone call every while lying alone in your bed. People tell Mercedes her man is not worth it. But it is so hard to explain.

Mercedes kept everything fresh for him. Mercedes kept everything best for him. She counted all the figures his cash for him. She continued the business for him. It was Mercedes that paid the bail for him and collected all the mail for him. He trusts her with his life. That is why he can’t wait for her to be his wife. No one could ever take his place with all the memories they share. Nothing else can compare. Mercedes is hiding her pride and what she is feeling inside.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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