Another look at one of No Limit Films lesser known movies called Street Glory.

Street Glory was one of the lesser known No Limit Films movies which was advertised in mainly albums released from the TRU Records label such as C-Murder’s albums. This was a TRU Films movie financed and supported by No Limit Films.

Some of you No Limit fans, C-Murder fans, and TRU fans may remember boxing gloves in a clear blue sky over the former Calliope Projects in the background. An advertisement for Street Glory first appeared in C-Murder’s 2000 album Trapped in Crime and also appeared in his 2001 album C-P-3. Advertisements for Street Glory appeared in many TRU Records albums throughout the early part of the 2000s. This movie was also advertised in C-Murder’s albums on No Limit Records.

Street Glory was about boxing. The movie was so crucial by having a real nice twist. It’s always something different you never heard of. Not many people know this but Street Glory was going to be C-Murder’s version of I’m Bout It The Movie.

The movie Street Glory was inspired by the way No Limit artists used to handle their business on No Limit Records. Back in the day when artists at No Limit would have a problem, they would put them boxing gloves on to resolve the issue. C-Murder knows how to box and can fight for real.

Now there was a script written for the movie that was completed. The script was written and typed by C-Murder with his editors. However no scenes were recorded. Street Glory had financial backing from No Limit Films and No Limit Records.

The movie was supposed to have a soundtrack and a novel. The novel called “Street Glory” was supposed to be out in April 2008 but never was finished or completed due to C-Murder’s incarceration. The movie and soundtrack were never completed and released because of C-Murder’s incarceration. A handful of fans definitely wanted to see that Street Glory movie.

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