Foolish. An overlooked No Limit Films movie.

Foolish. An overlooked No Limit Films movie.

The movie Foolish was based off the life of movie star and comedian Eddie Griffin. You see, the movie Foolish tells the story of the trials and tribulations of Eddie Griffin in a comedic manner and comedic sense. The movie explains and discusses how he got into to go into film making. Chaos and love are the film’s strongest elements. Many news outlets called Foolish a low-budget comedy. No Limit tunes and or artists are showcased on the movie and soundtrack. Eddie Griffin and Master P have a sturdy, steadying presence throughout the film.

Foolish is one of the highly known but lesser mentioned movies produced by No Limit Films and directed by Master P. Whenever anyone brings up movies Master P produced, hardly anyone mentions the movie Foolish. It’s almost as if people forgot about the movie.

Foolish somehow went sorely overlooked after 1999 despite being advertised in nearly every No Limit album and movie during that time. Even constant heavy promotion could not save Foolish from being an overlooked movie. Other movies being promoted and pushed in No Limit’s albums and movies during that time resulted in Foolish being overshadowed and overlooked. The success of movies such as Lockdown, I Got The Hook Up, and Hot Boyz led Foolish to be inevitably overshadowed and overlooked.

For those who don’t know, Foolish was partially inspired by the Porsha song called Nothing Stays The Same. The soulful song Nothing Stays The Same features production and sultry vocals from label mate O’Dell. Both of them had energy in their vocals. You know the saying, “Nothing stays the same on a lonely road.” Nothing Stays The Same is a powerful song with a strong message. The song served as a beautiful understanding about love. It’s foolish to hide the pain because nothing can shield from the rain. We all know nothing stays the same. So stop holding it in. Don’t play no games.

Nothing Stays The Same was one of the most played music videos of 1999 on BET and was advertised in the Billboard Magazine. Twice in 1999 to be exact. This song was one of No Limit’s greatest R&B/soul hits of 1999.


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