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An overview of Hoop Fighter. One of No Limit Films lesser known movies. A lost chapter in sports history.

Not many people know or aware that a No Limit Films movie called Hoop Fighter was filmed. Only hardcore longtime No Limit fans know about this sports movie. Hoop Fighter was a hybrid sports movie which mixer basketball with martial arts. The film was scheduled to be shown in theaters in 2000. However that never happened and the movie remains unreleased to this day.

Here is what happened to the Hoop Fighter movie.

On December 9, 1999, Master P’s No Limit Films production company signed a multi-movie deal with Trimark Pictures. The deal stipulated that Trimark would fund a minimum of 5 No Limit movies. Trimark was to help to market and distribute these No Limit Films movies. Hoop Fighter was the first movie under the new agreement with Trimark. The movie was to feature starring Master P, Silk the Shocker, C-Murder, Gary Busey, Romeo, and A.J. Johnson. Master P was to have executive-produced the movie. The budget for this movie was $2 million. Filming began on February 1, 2000.

However Master P shifted his focus on producing the Lockdown movie instead because that was his initial focus at the time he signed the deal. So Master P halted the production on Hoop Fighter and canceled the movie in 2000.

There was a higher demand for Lockdown as that movie was promoted heavily from 1998-2001. Fans were looking forward to seeing Lockdown than they were Hoop Fighter. Promotion was another issue along with timing. Hoop Fighter would have been shown in theaters around the same Lockdown would have been. Both movies would coincide with each other in terms of scheduling. That would have created a conflict of interest. Hoop Fighter was hardly promoted at all while Lockdown was heavily promoted.

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