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WrestleBiz: T.E.N Wrestling announce big changes to the ‘Pro Wrestling Fix’ brand’s online clashes after January 22nd’s ‘Tweet Clash’ event!!!

T.E.N Wrestling have announced a change to the current ‘Social Media Championship’ which will occur after there ‘Pro Wrestling Fix’ brands upcoming ‘Tweet Clash’ event, on January 22nd, on the R.A.W Media Twitter platform.

It has been confirmed that the titles brand name will officially change, from ‘T.E.N Wrestling’ to ‘Pro Wrestling Fix’, and that the championship will be officially named the ‘Tweet Clash Singles Championship’ after the event.

They have confirmed that the ‘Tweet Clash Singles Championship’ lineage will continue on from the ‘Social Media Championship’.

The have also confirmed that they will be producing monthly ‘Tweet Clash’ events (with ‘Tweet Clash 2’ scheduled for February) and they will be starting a tournament to crown the inaugural PWF ‘Tweet Clash Doubles’ champions as well.

Lastly it has also been confirmed that, R.A.W Media’s, Matt ‘Bean’ Lebouc will now be acting as Creative Director for the PWF’s ‘Tweet Clash’ events.

A lot of big things to look forward to for T.E.N Wrestling’s ‘Pro Wrestling Fix’ brand and all those involved.

Certainly a different approach to the world of Pro Wrestling but definitely one that is welcomed!!!

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