Review: Two For One – Let’s Go To War

Two For One – Let’s Go To War is one of the many albums which were advertised in No Limit’s album through the 1990s all the way until 2000. Their entire album was produced by KLC of Beats by The Pound as many No Limit albums were during that time. These ladies went hard on their tracks. The Mirror Don’t Lie is one example.

Two For One – Let’s Go To War was one of the many unreleased albums from No Limit Records which is highly remembered by No Limit fans.The reasons why Two For One – Let’s Go To War was never released and remains unreleased is because Beats By The Pound left No Limit Records due to contract disputes over royalties and Master P selling part of the No Limit Records catalog to Universal Records. Two For One – Let’s Go To War currently belongs to Universal Records as they hold the rights. No Limit fans were still interested in hearing the album even after 2001 when the album stopped being advertised.

Two For One was similar to New Orleans rap twin duet Ghetto Twin. Two For One was a duet which consisted of two sisters who are Rechelle Davis and Rechonda Davis. Two For One was known as 2-4-1, 2 4 1, and 2 For 1.

The Mirror Don’t Lie explains how Two For One is the hardest rap twin duet on the tank. The Mirror Don’t Lie also talks about coping with death. Are you down to die when its your time to die? The Mirror Don’t Lie was recorded in 1997 for the Mean Green Presents Major Players Compilation.

Are you down to die when its your time to die? The mirror don’t lie. Can’t you see it in your eye. The mirror don’t lie till the day that you die.

Two For One is harder than a rock and triller than a mobb. Two For One will get you slapped. Step back two steps as they came to rap. They often rap. Not to mention singing and modeling. To the eyes obscenity is mental. Control it gently. No watered down hoes. Two For One is them twins that know anything goes when fucking with them. Two For One ain’t down with no bustas, and they ain’t down with no hoes. Before you fuck yourself, you better slow your roll. TRU soldiers bust caps and lead. Yell and take charge.

Two For One tore up Nobody Make A Sound with Mac, Magic, and Fiend. We got 2-4-1 up in this bitch. You know what I’m sayin’? These No Limit Soldiers committed a robbery during the song.

And if any of you motherfuckers move,’ y’all gon get your fuckin’ heads blown off. Ya heard me?Alright. Nobody move and nobody dies. Don’t think about breathing as they bring forth a line of fire to your ass. Everybody’s gonna die tonight. Magic patted the victims down. 2-4-1 duct taped the victims. And if anybody moved Fiend disintegrated them.

Magic says, “Alright, I’ma pat everybody down. So keep your heads to the floor. Whoever in charge of this bitch better point me to the door! I’m lookin’ for the loot, so me and my people can leave. But any noncooperation and one of you bitches gon bleed. Now I want the rest of y’all to watch them motherfuckers bleed. Throw down your rollex, your Gucci’s, your Versace, your new Jordan’s and your cellphones. And anything else that cost over a hundred dollars.”

They call him Magic because he is known for making his victims disappear. He is about that kind/type of drama. He’ll tell you, “I’m ’bout that drama.” Magic tells everyone, “Now everybody lay it down, nobody make a sound! I got fifty fuckin’ rounds!”

Lights are beaming and people are screaming. 2-4-1 is dumpin’ in the clip with the triggers. 2-4-1 is gonna do your ass like Jason or either like Freddy. So you better get ready. The time has come.

The time has come. Niggas better know this ain’t no motherfuckin’ game. Mac got the M-1 wh eh borrowed from Big Ed. Don’t got much time to tell about the murder tale to each one of y’all. You got what Mac wants. Either you give it up or he’ll split ya.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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