Review: Various Artists – No Limit East Compilation

The No Limit East Compilation album was a No Limit album that was supposed to be released on No Limit Records sometime in 2000 but was never released due to business decisions and marketing strategies. The No Limit East Compilation album had songs from the artists signed to the sublabel No Limit East such as Short Circuit, Afficial, Slay Sean, Lil Soldiers, and more.

Bring My Burners is one of Short Circuit’s most well known songs. This was also one of his most lyrical songs next to I’m Gone. Bring My Burners was a song which came out on the No Limit Soldiers Compilation album in 1998.

Now not many people knew this or know this fact but Bring My Burners was a battle between Short Circuit and Busta Rhymes which happened in LA. Short Circuit took Busta Rhymes out in front of KRS-One. Everybody was there to see the battle which happened over the Black Eyed Peas and Short Circuit. Short Circuit was killing his rhymes three to none. Master P quickly diffused the battle.

I’m Gone is considered to be one of Short Circuit’s hardest songs and is the hardest song on the Gone AWOL album. Short Circuit has a flow and style similar to Cam’ron on this song. “Man, it’s like that pouring rain/That fine miss/That greed in your vains” Short Circuit raps with an East Cost flow here.

Now the horns section is what made the song quite smooth and soothing. You can also hear the tape hiss and distortion from the production in this song. Mo B Dick and Short Circuit brought that East Coast flavor, style, and sound to the song. Short Circuit has a flow and style similar to Redman and LL Cool J on this song. Short Circuit brought an East Coast style to the tank.

The song Lexxtacy is a sexy sensual guitar driven R&B/soul song with that commercial pop sound. A-Lexxus takes you (and us) on a trip to Lexxtacy (ecstasy) with this song of hers undoubtedly. Young Gator is the rapper who is featured on the song.

A-Lexxus will be the one to teach you how to love. She will show you how it’s done. So sit back and enjoy the ride. A-Lexxus will take you to another level of Lexxtacy (ecstasy). She will take your body to ecstasy. She can and will be your fantasy. Her dedication to you is strong and will keep you satisfied. She’ll give you pleasure and romance. Levels you’ve never seen before.

Silkk the Shocker – Our Corner is notable for having a crazy hard hook over a G-Funk sound and some whistles. One of the hardest lines in the song was “Fuck with No Limit niggaz, end up as organ donors” and that’s on the real. The song originally appeared as a bonus track on the How Ya Do Dat single.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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