September 24, 2023

Magic – White Eyes has that rough edge of Southern style street rap with a crossover pop sound mixed with a tinge of soul. Southern rap meets crossover pop and soul. This is evident on songs such as Good Life. The beats were definitely hard despite there not being production from Beats By The Pound. Many people thought this album was terrible due to the production and lack of charting singles. Many people had high hopes for this album despite being advertised when No Limit Records was falling off. Nevertheless White Eyes is a decent effort with quality lyrical content.

War explains how Magic is a one man army as a lyricist. No human being can come in between what Magic puts together. He also stands as a boss for himself.

This organization was built on Magic. No man can come in between what Magic puts together. He is the foundation. He will weather the storm. You don’t wanna go to with him. His niggas be too dangerous. You don’t wanna go to war with these niggas. You don’t wanna go to war with these soldier boys. They bout it bout it.

Magic spits shit that make the average person shake. They do not stand a chance against him as he is one of the top dogs from No Limit Records. This time Magic is playing for keeps. Close and personal with the sorrow. This game is not fair. Settle for less and let the stress make us forget about better days. Like Fiend he won’t be denied and refuses to be defeated.

Magic gets vicious and violent by using graphic details in his lyrics during Verse 2.

See I’m sick dog, and I rip your lip off, if I get pissed off
Or ripped off uh-huh, that’s when the shit starts
I’m vicious, I didn’t get all of my shots
When I bite I lock, and I won’t let loose until the bones pop
And I watch you, until your vital signs stop
And walk off in the night, with no worries fuck the cops
This shit is real dog, play with us and watch how many pop up
In the junk yard scattered round, bodies all chopped up
If I flip out, I take a quick flight up out the country
Better ask somebody, Mr. Magic he acts a donkey

6 Piece helped bring in the crossover sound of pop for the album on the song Good Life. Pop meets rap music on Good Life. On this song Magic explains how he can give women the good life. He knows how to make them feel good. What Magic wants you women out there to understand is that he knows how to treat you. He knows how to give women what they need and knows how to make them feel good.

Magic wants women to be free themselves. Lyrics to the chorus at the very end explain this.


[6 Piece + (Magic)]
I said playas (see we playas baby)
Do you wanna take a chance
I’m just trying to teach (well go ahead and teach em 6 Piece)
I wanted you just to let yourself be free (uh)
Free and give it to me

Magic snapped on What U Gonna Do. Magic was a beast lyrically. The song had that New Orleans style zydeco with the accordion which compromises the gumbo funk portion of the song which makes this song one of the livest songs off his album.

Magic is passing up all the haters while in his Navigator on cruise control. He warns haters to stay from his 9th Ward crew. His 9th Ward crew shouldn’t be disregarded as they are the hardest. You can see Magic in them clubs hanging out with the thugs. Smoking the finest doe-doe.

Magic gets creative with his lyrics by adding cultural references to his punchlines. Here is an example below.

I keep’s it on the low-low, cause if my wifey do that
She’d prolly buy a Louis slugger, whip a nigga blue-black
See I’m a casanova, mixed with a little rover
I’m more doggy than Snoop, when I’m in them hoes over

I rate this album 4/5****.

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