Review: Little D – Meet Me At The Playground

Little D – Meet Me At The Playground (Lil D – Meet Me At The Playground) was Little D’s debut album that was supposed to be released on No Limit Records in August 2001. Back when No Limit and Soulja Music Entertainment had their distribution deal with Priority Records. His album was originally planned to be released on September 4, 2001 but was pushed back to the summer of 2002. However his album did not get released. Little D’s debut album went unreleased because Master P abruptly ended No Limit’s distribution deal with Priority Records in July 2001 and had sold his pre-2002 No Limit catalog to Priority. Little D’s debut album was one of those No Limit albums which was sold to Priority. Another reason why this album was not released was because of a lack of promotion and focus on Lil Romeo at the time. Lil Romeo’s career was a top priority for the label.

Little D’s album was advertised in Billboard Magazine.
The advertisement for Little D’s album which appeared in Lil Romeo’s 2001 album.

XL, C-Los, Master P, Silkk, and Lil Romeo were responsible for the production of his debut album. XL produced 5 of his songs. He was doing a bulk of the production for No Limit at that time. For example, Master P, Lil Romeo, and C-Los produced the song Cotton Candy. That’s Kool (Remix) was produced by Silkk The Shocker and C-Los.

The album has that crossover appeal due to that pop rap sound. No Limit was influenced by the crossover market during that time. Even though Little D is a rapper, he leaned towards that pop sound.

Not many people know this but Little D/Lil D (Donavin Hogan) is Lil Romeo’s who is from Houston, Texas. He and Romeo were tour mates during the early part of the 21st century. That’s the reason why Lil Romeo is all over his album. That’s also the reason why Little D was all over Lil Romeo’s sophomore album Game Time. Little D is also Silkk The Shocker’s nephew. These days Lil D goes by D The Business.

Now some of the songs used on this album such as Clap Yo Hands and That’s Kool were used on other No Limit albums. What Master P would do was use artists songs from their unreleased album(s) and put them on other albums released on his record label, branches, and imprints.

Cotton Candy was supposed to be the buzz single off his album. However the song did not chart on the Billboard due to a lack of promotion and focus on Lil Romeo. This single was not released due to a lack of success and sample clearance issues. Cotton Candy sampled New Edition – Candy Girl. Maurice White did not give permission for the song to be covered or sampled. That is the reason why the single was issued only as a promo on CD. Master P, Lil Romeo, and XL produced the song Cotton Candy.

Little D likes girls that are sweet. Little D wants a girl that just like him for being himself. Not the type that brags a lot or quite often. This girl is best friends with Little D. They are close friends.

The chorus uses lyrics from New Edition – Candy Girl which go:

Candy girl, you are my world
Your love’s so sweet
My special treat
All I want to say
When you’re with me
You brighten up my day

Clap Your Hands (Clap Yo Hands) is a silly children’s song with quirky synths and pads performed by Lil Romeo and Lil D. The song is a duo. Clap Your Hands (Clap Yo Hands) was used on Lil Romeo’s 2002 album Game Time.

So if you like Lil Romeo, Lil D, No Limit, and Master P, clap your hands. Lil D loves ballin and flossin. He is not one for talking. He shops often. He has been in love ballin ever since started crawling. Girls calling while he’s performing. Lil D is hot now. So he’s come here to shake the spot. Little D is in the 6th grade but you know he’s got bank. He rolls with a tank. Platinum iced out from his neck and wrist. He’s got a couple of candy girls that laid the zone. When the school bell rings, you know it’s on.

Not many people know this but That’s Kool (Remix) was actually Lil D’s first No Limit song he ever appeared on. The song appeared on Lil Romeo’s 2001 debut album. That’s Kool (Remix) was produced by Silkk The Shocker, Master P, and C-Los.

Silkk the Shocker’s off beat flow makes the song recognizable with Lil Romeo. Little D’s accent is so thick you can barely make out what he is saying. Some of you may remember Little D because of that. Here is what he was saying:

(Little D)
Right here in my No Limit gear hands in the air
To all my younggins Tank Doggs is full up in here
Were the girls at? Holla back loud in ya ear
Make way for the kids, whodi this is our year

(Little D)
My homeboy is done we can party fa’ sho
Meet me at the playground at a quarter to four
Mom said it’s all good she said I can go
It’s on 2 Way me when you’re ready to roll

The song and titular track Meet Me At The Playground was another song that was supposed to be released as a buzz single for his debut album but wasn’t because Master P thought a buzz single with the same name of the album’s title would confuse fans. So that is why this song was never issued as a single at all. The song is sweet in nature but not too sultry for a children’s song.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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