Surviving Compton: Michel’le’s life in a biopic

Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le is the autobiography/biopic movie based on R&B songstress Michel’le Toussaint. The movie is based on the life of a woman who held on to her dream through poverty, domestic violence, and drugs. In with it came the fame and betrayal from men she loved, dated, “married”, and trusted.

Michel’le did a great job performing on all of the songs which were used in the movie of hers. Her vocals are still on point. Her voice is just as powerful as ever.

Michel’le was truly in love with Dre. She had no limit to the love for him. Her love for him during that time was unconditional. Dr. Dre knew that he had all of her love. However this all was not true he had constantly abused her. So did Suge Knight.

There were times Michel’le remembered where she had to fight just to hold her head up. There were times when her friends tried to make a fool of her. Things her heart attack that people just couldn’t see. Some said she was hopeless. Strong willed she was. That’s why she is still standing here today. Michel’le is finally at a happy point in her life. Her past life is nothing like the one she knows. She hopes for a bright future. Michel’le is just trying to make something out of her life. There is no easy answer for that. She has to keep moving on in life.

These days Michel’le encourages people to come together and raise up their voices.

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