Review: X-Con – Back On The Block

X-Con – Back On The Block was one of the widely known upcoming No Limit albums from the 2000s which was advertised in 504 Boyz – Goodfellas. Back On The Block had the old school down south flava. X-Con to showcases his original style and interesting wordplay with his very own album. X-Con was fire. You’ve got you deep realistically conscious tracks such as Life Goes On, It Don’t Get No Better, and Still Holding It Down.

The album cover was designed by well-known graphic design firm Pen N Pixel.

The album was originally supposed to be X-Con – Back On The Block but was later changed to Black Felon – Back On The Block to avoid confusion and copyright infringement from another artist by the same name. That X-Con had a minor single called Who Lil Mama. Master P came up with the name Black Felon. The album was scheduled to be released in 2001 during the 2001-2002 fiscal year by No Limit Records with distribution through Priority Records which was their distributor at the time. However the album remained unreleased. Here are the reasons why.

The alternate album cover for his debut album.

Master P was busy trying to get his son Lil Romeo’s debut album off the ground and shift his focus towards promoting that album. That is why X-Con – Back On The Block and Samm – Enemy Of The Street went unreleased. X-Con was no longer a priority for the label. Timing was the issue with X-Con’s Back On The Block album.

“I was finally ready to make my solo debut and at the time, Master P was busy trying to get his son Lil Romeo’s project off the ground. I felt like it was time for me to move on and it was a mutual agreement, we didn’t beef.” explains X-Con.

X-Con and Lil Flip explain how and why it’s their time on Itz Our Tyme. X-Con and Lil Flip came with a brand new sound as both of them show how people do it in the South. X-Con showcased his original style and interesting wordplay. The song is played in tune of Soul II Soul – Back To Life.

X-Con leaves his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to head straight to Houston, Texas to meet Lil Flip. He grabs a box of Black and Mild. Then he puts gas up in the whip. X-Con discusses how Lil Flip’s The Leprechaun album sold 130,000 units underground. He goes on to boast about Lil Flip’s underground success. X-Con makes it understood that they are not going anywhere. He makes his own rules in the game. He keeps it gutter. X-Con is so old school.

There ain’t no rules to the dope game. Lil Flip paid his way. He is pulling up in a Jaguar jeep. There are a couple of hoes and a couple of gats. Drugs are in his vehicle. So don’t get out of line.

X-Con is so outrageous. He goes to the mall to spend every dime of his. What’s the use of not ballin when the money is made? He’s got the money to spend. His spending spree will not stop until his last dollar is spent. That’s what’s going down.

The message of It Don’t Get No Better is to stick together no matter how tough the circumstances may be and to not quit easily. Master P displays some great storytelling skills with his raps.

Master P has see a lot of thugs and souljas lose their boots in the mud. For example, he explains the case of 19 year old serving prison time for a drug related case in Verse 1. He used to rhyme. Once your gone, dawg, your gone. Master P seen lil momma in tha club shakin’ that ass everyday. Now she telling Master P she needs some milk for her children. See some of these hoes are bitches too.

X-Con’s definition of riches is much different for the average person. He is vicious like a 200 lb Rottweiler? Who’s gonna stand in front of this 200 lb Rottweiler? His mission is to kill all the competition to where there is no competition. To kill them all like roaches. Make it hard to swallow. No Limit all some soldiers. Black Felon still yellin habitual offender. Ya’ll niggas better keep a distance from the wrath of this blender.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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