Review: Mia X – Sista Stories

Sista Stories showcased the raw sista side of Mia X which was written from a sista’s point of view and perspective. Mia X shares her experience about womanhood in form of rap. Tales of conflict and tales of confusion are told. It’s also about dealing with pain during the struggle of life. For those who don’t know, Sista Stories picks up where Unladylike left off which is what Mia X intended. In fact, Sista Stories revisits Unladylike in a more explicit manner.

This No Limit album is different as there are not as many radio friendly tracks on this album. Only 3 of the 17 tracks that were on this album are radio friendly. Mia X decided to take a more darker explicit approach when recording this album. While album seems to have a Burlesque theme, Mia X might have been inspired by R. Kelly during the time. She brought out that raw uncut hip hop sound with this album.

Sista Stories did not get an official release but a few promo copies were pressed up for record company executives and radio stations instead. However a lot of songs from this album had leaked about 10 years ago. Mia X leaked songs from her old twitter account in 2007. That is one of the reasons why this album from No Limit did not receive an official release to the public.

Mia X did a remake of the 1987 Cover Girls hit Show Me. Show Me was one of the 3 radio friendly cuts that were on the album. The remake is filled with rawness as Master P lent a hand in production of course. Mia X did a good job.

Somethin New featured Devin The Dude and No Limit Top Dog Snoop Dogg when he was in his prime. Somethin New was a funky smooth cut with the loopy Devin The Dude to add in with the quirkiness.

The Feel Good Song has an upbeat reggae vibe to it. The piano used in this song helps give the mood an upbeat reggae vibe. The song is dedicated to family and friends. The song also sheds light on enjoying the company of your favorite people you love and cherish.

After The Pain is a Mix A remake of the Betty Wright song After The Pain. This version is cover song laced over updated beats produced by KLC with a fresh new sound.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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