Review: Brandy – Human

Brandy’s Human album is a futuristic R&B/soul album with hi-fi production and sound from Darkchild. Of course this Brandy album filled with sultry love ballads and inspirational songs of motivation. She has a much deeper voice with a warmer tone. When Brandy sings on this album, her vocals use a lower register and textured falsetto. Brandy’s life challenges inspired the direction and the album’s title.

Brandy’s Human album was highly slept on by Brandy fans and the public in general. Human only managed to reach #15 on the Billboard 200 in 2008. Only over 200,000 were sold. The album was a flop compared to all of her albums.

On Human [Intro], Brandy shares on what she feels being a human being is in spoken monologue form. Being a human being is having the freedom to be yourself and not caring what other people think. Being a human being is also not being afraid of anything. This intro is short.

[Spoken Monologue]
What I feel being a human being is – is just, having the freedom to be yourself. Not caring what other people think. Just having that freedom to be you and not being afraid, because if you’re not yourself, then who are you?

The Definition is a song about Brandy being through the experiences of being in a relationship and about how she now has a good man by her side. The Definition defines the existence of love. Darkchild produced The Definition.

She dropped all that baggage and let go of the pain. You can have the pain as she is content with herself. She now got a good man. It feels like the beginning to her. It’s hard to explain it. Brandy has been through it all before in the past in a previous relationship.

You see, Brandy has been through the heartache, the break, and the shame as she has played the game. But she couldn’t seem to win. Brandy started to think something was wrong with her. This was until she was introduced to happiness by finding another man.

She made the greatest discovery of mankind. Her man defines the existence of love. She found it in him. She searched her whole life through. No longer uncertain. The definition of love is him.

Things get warm and cozy as Brandy warms it up with on the song Warm It Up (With Love). So get warm, comfortable, and cozy.

Brandy is up this song for freedom to give us something to believe in. There’s a whole world that’s freezing and she needs to warm it up with love which is what she planned all along on doing. She has got so many reasons for the truth for which she speaks. And I hope we can see we need to warm it up with love.

Darkchild produced the hi-fi futuristic pop song Right Here (Departed). Brandy’s vocals use a lower register and a textured falsetto with a notable lower tone. Right Here (Departed) was the lead singe for the Human album. However it was a moderate hit though both online and offline. People seem have forgotten the song after 2009.

In this song, Brady lets us know that regardless of what happens she will be right there for you. No matter the situation, you will never have to be alone. She will be your protection.

When your life is going too fast off the train tracks, she can slow it down. Just when you think you’re about to turn back, scared you might crash, she’ll be your ground. When you’re trapped and there’s no key. And you can’t breathe, she’ll breathe for you. When your tears have dried from cryin’ and the world has turned to silent, you’ll be right here with her. She’ll be right here with you. You’ll be right here with her.

Mr. Piano Man is similar to an Elton John song due to its calm nature and vibe. It is another love song. Mr. Piano Man is more pop than it is R&B/soul. One has to wonder if Brandy was inspired by Elton John when her and the producers were writing this song for Human. The lyrics are beautiful.

Darkchild makes an appearance and is featured in Verse 1.

[Verse 1]
Do you have a request book handy, I can flip through?
“I do,” he said, “My name is Rodney, good to meet you.”
“What do you wanna hear tonight?” He asked me
I said, “Something I can feel inside.”, oh whoa
“I got what you need, I know exactly…”
Why don’t we give this a try?

The Long Distance Interlude is where Brandy and her man complain about their long distance relationship over the phone. Their long distance relationship is killing them as they are too far apart.

Long Distance deals with the difficulties and strains of long-distance relationships. It could be a significant other or a family member. Being in a long distance relationship can be weird and difficult. You are not able to have time with your loved one(s).

Long Distance was a moderate hit however both online and offline. The songs wasn’t as popular or memorable as Right Here (Departed). Now both songs were hits for this album. Don’t get me wrong. People seem have forgotten the song after 2009.

Camouflage is a song that should have been a single. It’s that good. Epic shot themselves in the foot by not making this song into a single. The rhyming schemes used in this song match with the words used within the lyrics. In this song, Brandy is looking for someone to love her despite flaws in her personality. She won’t camouflage or change for love.

Brandy describes herself as a work in progress. She is a seed growing into a flower. She is a storm that’s rising and getting stronger with every hour. Brandy is well aware and knows she ain’t perfect. Tell me who in the world is.

She is searching for somebody to love her with these flaws she’s got. They’re a part of who she is. She won’t camouflage for love. Take her or not. She is so done trying to be everything you want. Brandy has learned from her previous mistakes in the past.

Torn Down is about how her love can’t be torn apart. She built this love in 24 hours. Made it brick by brick. She reached her limit screaming, “gimmie more power”. She cannot and won’t quit. She gonna love you right now. If she took a whole lifetime tryna find a way she’d be feeling useless. She can’t be torn down. Her love can’t be torn down.

They don’t know how our love is still standing. They won’t get it. They can try to shake the foundation just to try to do damage. We’re high up, baby.

Brandy makes mistakes. She is only human. That is what the song Human is about.

She cries when you cry. She hurts when you hurt. Brandy herself make mistakes, but she can’t turn back time. Forgive her as she is only human. Love her. Save her from herself. Embrace her. She’s perfectly human, but she is an angel in disguise. She is fragile and broken just like you. What are you afraid of? The future or the past?

Maybe what tears us apart is what brings us back together and everything that makes us different really brings us closer. Could you hold Brandy for a little while? Could you love her without a doubt? She needs you.

Brandy tells her lover not to shatter her heart on the song Shattered Heart as a shattered heart is a hard thing to fix.

Brandy has been saving up this treasured heart for years. She hid it somewhere so no one could touch it. With every love, Brandy had some reason to leave. No other like it cause it’s so authentic. Many tried, but couldn’t bear the load. Tried to break through the gate but didn’t have the gall. When she looked in your eyes, she thought of this. So she presents you with her most precious gift.

Brandy never knew that love can be so epic. You saved her cause you’re heroic. The legend has it that you’ve earned this throne since you came and pulled the sword out of the stone similar to the King Arthur story. This reference to King Arthur’s possession of Excalibur from Robert de Boron’s Merlin poem. Many tried, but couldn’t weather the storm. You came in her life and turned the lights on. So she presents you with her most precious gift.

Figuratively speaking, Brandy put her love from her heart in a jar like a piggy bank. That is what the lyrics in the pre-chorus mean.

I put my love in a jar
In my heart, like a piggy bank
And I’m giving it to you
So whatever you do…

Brandy questions her lover about their love on the song True. She searches for the true meaning of love in this song of hers.

Brandy feels right at home when she is in her lover’s arms. That’s a feeling she never felt before.There’s nothing worse than being in love alone. She begins questioning her lover by asking many questions in the chorus.

Is it true that I’m not the only one?
Is it true that you’re just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer.
Is it true? Is it true?

You’re her angel that was sent to Earth. In your eyes, she sees her future. She can’t be without you. So it’s got to work. ”Goodbye” is not an option. Don’t say that word.

I’ve never been a victim of love before
So I’m not sure what I should be looking for
But I know the signs are in my face
Hope it’s not too late to change your mind and make you wanna stay

Is it true that I’m not the only one?
Is it true that you’re just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true? Is it true?
Is it true that I’m not the only one?
Is it true that you’re just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true? Is it true?

If you just can’t tell me the truth
It wasn’t real when you said “I love you”

In the song A Capella (Something’s Missing), Brandy experiments with the sounds of acapella . This means that the whole song is an acapella. She sings and performs spoken word all at the same time in this song of hers. It’s another love song of course. She asks people to hear her search for something she is missing throughout the whole song. It is a long journey going in circles.

1st & Love is another love song from Brandy. The subject material is rehashed material about love. So it’s not too extraordinary to say the least. It’s a skip.

Brandy wants to lose herself to love in the song Fall.

Brandy wants to lose herself to love and let you have her completely If she give you all her trust, can she just let herself go? Let her not be afraid to let you find her way. Because when you find someone that means so much to you. Giving all you got is easy to do.

In Verse 2, Brandy finds herself about to lean over the edge. She has no fear when she is within your arms.

[Verse 2]
So I find myself right here
About to lean over the edge
In your arms, I have no fear
There is no safer place than here in your embrace
So catch me if I fall

Can she be scared a little bit? It’s not easy giving up trust. That is what the bridge to this song is describing.

It’s not easy giving up trust
Can I be scared a little bit?
Then your heart is questioning
If you could really handle it?
Don’t wanna fall in love
So will you catch me, save me, and tell me I’ll be safe right here?
And if I’m the one that’s scared
So baby, come and fall right here

Gonna Find My Love is about how Brandy is going to find her love. Locket (Locked in Love) is about her being locked in love. It’s her being in a relationship.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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