Review: Brandy – B7

Brandy’s B7 album is the most discussed album for the year 2020. This album is her comeback album after being absent from the music industry for 8 years. She gets more in touch with her personal side deeply in this album with songs such as Borderline, Bye BiPolar, and Saving All My Love. She put everything she could into this album as she wrote from her heart of hearts because she used use music as a way to escape and heal her pain. Music from this album can be described as very therapeutic, trance-esque, and relaxing. This is one of those spiritual and uplifting albums. This is definitely one of her deeper albums which showcases a more mature side of her. B7 is album of the year for 2020. It’s so damn good!

Now the B7 album copies the formula as the 1994 Brandy album did by using three interludes which are separated in 3 different parts. This is not the first time she has done so. Brandy did this on her Human album in 2008. Brandy seems to have gone back to her original roots where she started.

Saving All My Love the opener for B7 which deals with the heartbreak Brandy experienced in her life. Her being brokenhearted while experiencing heartache only made her into a strong person. The song explains the issues she’s been through.

Brandy starts off the chorus apologizing to her devoted fanbase for her long-awaited return to music. That is what the lyrics “Sorry for my tardy/Long time I was brokenhearted” mean. That particular line sets the tone for the album in terms of feeling. The line also is a clever reference to Brandy’s 1994 song Brokenhearted with Wanya Morris.

Brandy sounds like candy. Fine like wine. She is solid as rock candy. Kinda like the goat but she ain’t saving all her love. She lays down her complex yet complicated burdens. We all know she’s got an attitude problem. Let’s resolve it. She has come to terms with mental health issues she had struggled with before and can live her life more freely. She can move about freely. It’s different now.

Lucid Dreams chasing sleep because in the dream state. In the dream Brandy is still with the person she loved but in reality the relationship was over.

One more strike and she’s out. Brandy had to figure it out before she loses herself to the person she loved in the dream. She feels illusion. Maybe it’s a daze. This daze worsens over time. She was always high. So she had to readjust. Brandy got the feeling she didn’t belong there. All alone here.

It ain’t no secret the she has been here before. The guilt is eating her up inside. That is what lyrics to this line mean: “Guilt dealt me tragedy inside-ate me alive/I wanted to die/’Til I realized my real life already left to deal with your broken soul/You need you and I need me, too” She wanted to die because the guilt was eating her up inside. He needed her and she needed him.

Brandy is chasing sleep. That’s where she can see far. Her dream is a lucid dream. After abusing all that Ambien. They used to write their name in car fog.

Brandy professes to be “the most jealous girl” who embodies a schizophrenic persona while in a romantic relationship on hit song and hit single “Borderline”. She’s been hurt bad in the past as she has been hurt and mistreated people. The lyrics illustrate how emotional loneliness can take over a romantic relationship which is the darker aspect of this song. There are different personalities for singing different parts of the song.

She puts way many harmonies in the song while she is singing. That is how you can tell she was being real and honest. The song uses a hypnotizing trance-like vibe over loud synthesizers and chords. Those chords and synths make this song hypnotic.

Borderline is one of Brandy’s deepest songs in her entire career and is song of the year from the album of the year. The song became a viral hit in summer 2020 while receiving millions of downloads and streams a week. This is her number #1 song of 2020.

What would you do if you’re alone? Would you think about me? These are the questions she asks during Verse 1. That boy is on her mind all the time. You can’t help but feel it. It is what it is. She tells him, “I’ll give you this heart of mine.” Brandy demands her that her boyfriend never cheats on her or never lies to her. She feelin’ crazy. Brandy is on the borderline. She doesn’t wanna be schizo this time. She warns him, “Don’t you ever hurt me. I’ll change on you.”

Brandy is “the most jealous girl” in the whole wide world because she is falling in love all alone. Brandy asks to never be treated the same as she is not the same. Brandy is like nobody else because she can be so dangerous.

Bye Bipolar is another one of her deepest songs in her catalogue and is the closer for B7. Lyrics to his song are real emotional and honest. The song uses a piano-led ballad and a key change in her vocals. She uses the A minor key when singing and while changing notes. Her vocal performance is amazing with such prowess.

The song deals with having bipolar disorder in a relationship while dealing with her own mental health struggles. Having bipolar disorder in relationships make you feel feelings up and down like you’ve never had before. The song deals with her experiences of being in toxic relationships.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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