Review: Master P – Ghetto Postage

Aspiring No Limit artist and basketball player Master P released another solid effort of an album called Ghetto Postage back in 2000 even thought the album was lacking in lyrical ability. While there were some catchy bangers, the skits were awful and unnecessarily needed. Most of the featured artists held down his album with their own ability and creativity. This album is not as sophisticated or whimsical as his previous albums were as the album gets too hedonistic at times. Highlights for this album his are Bout Dat, Golds in They Mouth, Soulja Boo, Always Come Back to You, and Doo Rags.

Now the advance version of Ghetto Postage had 3 songs which were not included on the retail version. Songs such as Dance (feat. Silkk, Baby Girl, and Slay Sean), Sex & Guns (feat. Afficial) and Luv Them Fire Girls (feat. Krazy, Baby Girl, and Black Felon) were cut from the retail version due to sample clearance issues and inappropriate placement.

Album cover for the album sampler.
There are huge differences between the album cover for the retail version and sampler version.

Included on this album is the bouncy tune Soulja Boo. The song has a catchy chorus with those super hyper New Orleans bounce beats with a touch of rap.

The way Master P makes Erica feel make her want to run with him. Every single day. She loves the way he makes her feel. Erica needs a soulja boy ready to go to war. A fire boy with 20’s (20 inch rims) on his car. She needs a ride or die thug that can work. When Erica needs some love he won’t be far. That’s why this soulja girl is gonna keep it real.

Master P is the soulja boy that will never let you go. If you gotta man, he ain’t got to know. So tell your friends keep it on the low, ya heard? You and your girls come follow him. Master P is the ghetto Bill Gates. He’s got a couple diamonds with a mouth full of gold. Platinum on the wrist and a Bentley in the drive. He learnt in the bricks how to slang and survive.

Master P was clearly ripping off the Hot Boyz hard on the song Luv Them Fire Girlz by copying and mimicking Mannie Fresh’s bounce beat patterns and staccato drums.

Pockets Gone’ Stay Fat showcased the last glimpse of the old Master P before he switched up style in 2001 on his Gameface album. There is speculation floating that Pockets Gone’ Stay Fat was a diss specifically aimed at Big Tymers.

The song Tell Me Something can only be found on the advance version of Ghetto Postage. This is due to sample clearance issues.

I rate this album 2/5**.

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