Emotional scenes in Hot Boyz movie discussed by Michael Mixerr.

Hot Boyz is one of the highly known movies produced by No Limit Films and directed by Master P. The film is filled such heartbreaking emotional moments. Such emotional moments which went sorely overlooked.

For example the Porsha song called Nothing Stays The Same which played at the end of the Hot Boyz movie when Kool was reminiscing about the memories of his girlfriend Lashawna whom he had lost. It’s foolish to hide the pain because nothing can shield from the rain. We all know nothing stays the same. So stop holding it in. You know the saying, “Nothing stays the same on a lonely road.”

The aggressive vivid scene Snoop Dogg scene was another example of an emotional moment in the Hot Boyz film. C-Dawg caught Pee Wee getting high and snorting cocaine from their own supply of cocaine. Pee Wee fails to C-Dawg why he was sniffing cocaine which leads us to a transition scene where Kool is kicking back lounging. Kool mentioned to C-Dawg that Pee Wee’s mother died a month ago in a nursing home. Hardly anyone mentions that scene when Hot Boyz is brought up.

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