Review: Erica Fox – Erica Fox

Erica Fox’s self-titled album was an R&B/soul album with a massive sultry edge. Her singing leaves much to be desired. The album includes the bouncy tune Soulja Boo, the snappy I Got What You Want, and sensual Way You Make Me Feel.

Promo for Erica Fox’s debut album.

Here is how Erica Fox’s self-titled album came about. Lafayette based native Erica Fox was discovered on one fateful night singing our Nations’ Anthem at a Lakers game by Master P around 1997. A few weeks later she signed a deal with No Limit Records. It was with Master P’s label, No Limit Records, that she penned such songs as, “They Don’t Really Know You” and “Soulja Boo”. No Limit Records was dabbling into the R&B/soul market after the success with Sons of Funk and Magic in the late 90s.

Before Erica Fox was known for singing catchy hooks on rap songs for No Limit (they were heavily featuring her on albums since she was already singing hooks and choruses for other artists on the label), she was honing her studio skills by singing background on albums for artists which included such artists as Toni Braxton, Jon B, Trey Lorenz, and Shai. Erica Fox had it going on before No Limit.

Sadly Erica Fox’s self-titled album was another No Limit album that never was. Her self-titled album was supposed to be released on No Limit Records in 1999 but never got released. This was because Erica wanted to pursue other options and left No Limit after a 2 year stint in 1999. She told Master P she more than a hook singer.

This was also was because other albums from other No Limit artists were being pushed and promoted. Her debut album was simply just not a top priority for the label. Sadly No Limit dropped the ball by not dropping this album. Honestly Erica Fox should have dropped an album or 2 by now. Master P should have expanded his No Limit R&B/soul roster as they had some much talent. No Limit had a dope R&B squad which should have dropped several R&B albums.

The Way You Make Me Feel is a No Limit love song that is a duet with Master P. The song has a catchy chorus with those super hyper New Orleans bounce beats with a touch of rap.

The way Master P makes Erica feel make her want to run with him. Every single day. She loves the way he makes her feel. Erica needs a soulja boy ready to go to war. A fire boy with 20’s (20 inch rims) on his car. She needs a ride or die thug that can work. When Erica needs some love he won’t be far. That’s why this soulja girl is gonna keep it real.

Master P is the soulja boy that will never let you go. If you gotta man, he ain’t got to know. So tell your friends keep it on the low, ya heard? You and your girls come follow him. Master P is the ghetto Bill Gates. He’s got a couple diamonds with a mouth full of gold. Platinum on the wrist and a Bentley in the drive. He learnt in the bricks how to slang and survive.

The song Why I Do is a sensual steamy R&B/soul love song with thick drum pattern and beats. You will love this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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