Review: Samm – Enemy of the Streets

Samm – Enemy of the Streets is a No Limit album that never was that could have been a hit. Many fans had anticipated that this No Limit album would be released in 2001 but that is not the case. The album was kept unreleased because Master P shifted towards releasing albums with more of a commercial pop rap sound from him, Lil Romeo, and 504 Boyz. Lyrical gangsta rap had been an underground thing then. So his promising debut album was ultimately shelved.

Another issue was Master P playing basketball for the NBA. He couldn’t help artists promote their music as much while playing for the NBA. His NBA career hindered many artists success rate and prevented their albums from being unreleased. Mac’s unexpected incarceration was also a factor which prevented this album from being released.

The poster for Samm – Enemy Of The Streets was designed by the legendary Pen N Pixel back in 2001.

The album was completed and finished. 20 songs were recorded for Enemy of the Streets. However the all the DAT tapes with songs for his Enemy of the Streets album had got lost and displaced during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Even the backup files were lost. XL is still looking for the DATs for this album to this day. He has only found a few DATs for the songs to the Enemy of the Streets album. Songs such as Rise, Ride, Paradise, and They Murdered Me were on the album. Enemy of the Streets has songs from albums that were mostly scrapped or lost.

Enemy of the Streets drew influence from Soulja Slim and MAC. That makes sense because XL had been producing songs for them. XL produced a bulk of the album. XL produced 15 songs for the album.

The album cover has Samm standing in front a wall of fire with two cobras depicted on both sides of him. Hands are going out of the ground on all sides. Now the album cover was designed by Pen N Pixel as all No Limit album covers were during that time.

This album should have been released because Samm was a hard spitta. His verses were extremely lyrical. Too bad nothing came out or was ever released. Sadly he was and remains overlooked.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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