Review: A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride

A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was a R&B/soul album with an edge of rugged Southern rap and hip hop. You have the sensual lovely song Lovin’ Me, the rough brash breakup song Bye Boy, and the sexy sensual guitar driven Lexxtacy.

No Limit Records was dabbling into the R&B/soul market after the success with Sons of Funk, Mia X, and Magic right around 1998-2000. No Limit kept it in the family by signing Mercedes’ sister, A-Lexxus, who was scheduled to released her debut solo album “Let’s Ride” sometime in 2000. Yet A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was another No Limit album that never was. A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was supposed to be released on No Limit Records in 2000 but never got released.

The main reason as to why A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was never released was because of timing. A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was being promoted at the same time as Mercedes’s Rear End album was being promoted. Mercedes was taking all of the shine with the success of her Rear End which was mostly due to the moderate success of singles It’s Your Thang and Ya’ll Ain’t. Mercedes took her shine and A-Lexxus didn’t have a chance. Not only that, A-Lexxus is Mercedes’ sister.

The other reason as to why her album was never released was because other albums from other No Limit artists were being pushed and promoted. Unsurprisingly lot of No Limit albums that were advertised didn’t come out during that time for whatever the reasons were. A lot of these covers were designed before the albums were even recorded. Master P was putting out albums like an assembly line. The problem with No Limit was that they had so many artists which resulted in projects that were either under-promoted or overlooked. A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was one of those albums that was constantly advertised in No Limit albums throughout 1998-2000. No Limit stopped advertising her album in No Limit albums by 2001.

However A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride had been receiving a proportionate amount of promotion. Alexxus was passing out posters and flyers for her “Let’s Ride” album on a promo tour with Mercedes and Fiend back in 1998. She had been going to different radio stations to promote her debut album. A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride was promoted heavily during the promo tour.

Sadly No Limit dropped the ball by not dropping this album. Master P should have expanded his No Limit R&B/soul roster as they had some much talent. Honestly A-Lexxus – Let’s Ride should have dropped. She sounded more talented than Mercedes as she actually sounds good. The difference between the two is clear. Her tone was less militant than Mercedes.

Now the album cover was designed by Pen N Pixel and had basically paid homage to Mercedes – Rear End. You have the golden iced out lettering with jeweled encasing. A-Lexxus assumed the same sexual position as Mercedes on the cover of her album. However most No Limit fans say Mercedes did the Rear End cover better than A-Lexxus did. Nonetheless the album cover is still provocative.

The album cover for her debut album.

The album remained unreleased for 10 years. That is until Mercedes leaked some of the songs to her debut album onto her MySpace page in 2010. Songs such as Lovin’ Me, Bye Boy, and Lexxtacy were leaked by her. Slay Sean leaked some of her songs onto his MySpace page also. Now this album still remains unreleased in a sense as not all of her song to her debut album have been leaked in their entirety.

The song Lexxtacy is a sexy sensual guitar driven R&B/soul song with that commercial pop sound. A-Lexxus takes you (and us) on a trip to Lexxtacy (ecstasy)with this song of hers undoubtedly. The song appeared on the 2015 compilation album Emmett Dove Files from their sublabel No Limit East. Young Gator is the rapper who is featured on the song.

A-Lexxus will be the one to teach you how to love. She will show you how it’s done. So sit back and enjoy the ride. A-Lexxus will take you to another level of Lexxtacy (ecstasy). She will take your body to ecstasy. She can and will be your fantasy. Her dedication to you is strong and will keep you satisfied. She’ll give you pleasure and romance.

Boy Bye is the rough brash breakup song. A-Lexxus is tired of dealing with these lames (men who are chumps that big let-downs in disguise). The song uses an urban edge of hard hitting 00s style rap beats over a Southern rap sound. Southern rap meets soul on Boy Bye.

This man is trying to get with A-Lexxus. The way he is approaching A-Lexxus is all wrong. The way he approached her was not right at all. All the flashy material things such as shiny jewelry don’t impress A-Lexxus at all. However he is unaware of this. She needs a strong thug on the premises. She wants a real relationship built on love, trust, and compassion. A-Lexxus is tired of dealing with these lames. However the men who are trying get at her are unaware of this.

You’re the Only One explains how the man A-Lexxus wants to fall in love with is the only one for her and she cannot let him go. This is actually Mercedes song which was included on her Rear End album in 1999.

He is the only one for A-Lexxus. He is the finest thing she has ever seen. It all happened about a year ago. They both had made a promise not to let it go. But now A-Lexxus has gotten this far. She couldn’t help but let it go. She knows that he is aware of the in the past she felt for him. A-Lexxus never let him know what’s going on because she never really let him hold het this way. But now she is coming to him honestly. A-Lexxus tells him, “Boy, you are the only one. You are the only one for me.” This is evident in the lyrics to Verse 1.

I know you know of things in the past
That I felt for you
Never let you know whats going on
Cause I never really let you hold me this way

Mercedes wondering if he feels the same way that she does. The feelings that Mercedes hold within her heart. She hopes to never part with him. She hopes he knows what she feels for him. She has a thing for him of course.

Lovin’ Me is A-Lexxus’ soulful R&B cover of One Way – Don’t Stop Ever Loving Me. You can feel a mixture of both the old school and new school on this song. The 80s meets the 00s. Daz Dillinger makes a guest appearance on the song. The song was rereleased as a digital single by A-Lexxus herself in 2014.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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