Review: Porsha – Porsha

Porsha’s self-titled album was another R&B/soul album with an urban edge. Her singing leaves much to be desired. Included on this album is the soulful song Nothing Stays The Same and Someday.

Here is how Porsha’s self-titled album came about. No Limit Records was dabbling into the R&B/soul market after the success with Sons of Funk and Magic. They decided to have Porsha (Keryl Jean Watkins) release an album since she was already singing hooks and choruses for other artists on the label. The album was executive produced by Master P and others.

Porsha’s self-titled album was another No Limit album that never was. Her self-titled album was supposed to be released on No Limit Records on July 20, 1999 but never got released. This was because other albums from other No Limit artists were being pushed and promoted. Her debut album was simply just not a top priority for the label. Sadly No Limit dropped the ball by not dropping this album. Master P should have expanded his No Limit R&B/soul roster as they had some much talent. Honestly Porsha should have dropped an album.

Unsurprisingly lot of No Limit albums that were advertised didn’t come out during that time for whatever the reasons were. A lot of these covers were designed before the albums were even recorded. Master P was putting out albums like an assembly line. Porsha’s self-titled album was one of those albums that was constantly advertised in No Limit albums throughout 1997-1999. Her album was no longer a priority for the label as No Limit stopped advertising her album in No Limit albums by 2000.

However there are some people out there who claimed the album dropped and was sold underground on the down low. There are some people who they have heard and previewed her debut album.

The soulful song Nothing Stays The Same features production and sultry vocals from label mate O’Dell. Both of them had energy in their vocals. You know the saying, “Nothing stays the same on a lonely road.” Nothing Stays The Same is a powerful song with a strong message. The song serves as a beautiful understanding about love.

Nothing Stays The Same was one of the most played music videos of 1999 on BET and was advertised in the Billboard Magazine. This song was one of No Limit’s greatest R&B/soul hits.

Nothing Stays The Same came from the platinum 1999 soundtrack “Foolish” and the 1999 soundtrack Hot Boyz. The song was also used in the movies Hot Boyz and Foolish. Now some of you may remember this song which played at the end of the Hot Boyz movie when Kool was reminiscing about the memories of his girlfriend Lashawna whom he had lost.

It’s foolish to hide the pain because nothing can shield from the rain. We all know nothing stays the same. So stop holding it in. Don’t play no games.

Everytime O’Dell closes his eyes, he starts fantasizing about Porsha and him being all alone. All of their hesitation gone. O’Dell loses control more each day. These feelings just won’t go away. He’ll give Porsha what she needs. Love, touches, and ecstasy. He can’t go another day like this because it’s foolish.

Everytime O’Dell closes his eyes, he starts fantasizing about Porsha and him being all alone as evidenced during Verse 1.

[Verse 1: O’Dell]
Everytime I close my eyes
I just start to fantasize about you and me all alone
All our hesitation gone
Let’s stop the foolish games we play, we play
I lose control more each day, each day
These feelings just won’t go away
I’m screaming just to make you stay
All give you what you need
Love and touches, ecstasy
I can’t go another day like this
Cause it’s foolish, foolish

Both O’Dell and Porsha realize it’s foolish to hide the pain. They know nothing stays the same. Their pain cannot be hidden.

Porsha wonders why she should hold her feelings inside. It’s hard for her to realize that. She has to stop wasting time if she wants to make O’Dell all hers indefinitely to a new level of fidelity. It’s hard to look him in the eyes. Porsha cannot hide her feelings. She had felt a sense of chemistry when they first met.

Porsha sung the most poetic lyrics in her verse which went as follows:

When we first met I felt a chemistry
Like it could be more between you and me
It’s hard to look you in the eyes
Cause my feelings I cannot hide

Someday is a sad heartbreaking breakup song. Porsha sings about how someday she will break up from her current relationship with her lover. This is because her lover does not know how to treat here. She will take her love back. She tried to save their shared love. However he acted like he didn’t care. She asks her herself everyday. All they do is fuss and fight. She was his only friend who stuck beside him through thick and thin.

Someday is a song which was produced by Ke’Noe and had featured Ke’Noe. The song uses calming 90s R&B/soul style of instrumentation in the production. Ke’Noe is a genius producer due to his production style.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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