K-DEE Talks DA LENCH MOB, Rap Start With ICE CUBE! MACK 10, Westside Connection, East Vs West Beef

Freshest MC In The World K-Dee joins us for an exclusive pow wow! speaking on Da Lench Mob coming up with Ice Cube, the game in the 90’s, new music album in the works.

Darrel Johnson, also known as K-Dee, formerly Kid Disaster, (Born in May 24, 1969), is an American rapper most known for his album Ass, Gas, or Cash (No One Rides for Free). He came into the hip hop scene with fellow West Coast rapper, Ice Cube in the group C.I.A. K-Dee was included in Cube’s entourage Da Lench Mob making a few appearances on other members albums, by Ice Cube, Mack 10, Dazzie Dee, Westside Connection, Kausion. Other appearances including the compilation albums, The Lawhouse Experience, Volume One, Dangerous Ground soundtrack, Big Thangs released in 1997 and the Devin the Dude album, The Dude, released in 1998. In 2005 K-Dee released a song online titled “Back On Deck” and also a mixtape song over Rick Ross “Hustlin” titled “Cuffin Em”. In 2012 he is featured on a new Dazzie Dee song called “All The Time”.

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