September 24, 2023

R.A.W Media announced, a few weeks ago, the creation of the PWP (Pro Wrestling Promotions) Global Championship that would see the world’s biggest, and best, promotions battle it out via T.E.N Wrestling and United Elementz Twitter pages!!!

The 16 promotion tournament match up’s were determined by public voting polls over 3 day periods.

The likes of WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, New Japan, WxW, Ring of Honor, MLW and more faced off to see who the people thought was the number one promotion in the world!!!

Eventually it came down to WWE and Ring of Honor!!!

It even ended up going to an extra sudden death round!!!

However, when it was all said and done, the leader in sports entertainment, World Wrestling Entertainment, reigned supreme becoming the inaugural R.A.W Media PWP Global Champions!!!

Question now is who will there first defense be against? Well look out on the R.A.W Media Facebook page for more details on that coming soon!!!

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